2019 Ag Formulation & Application Technology Congress(FAT)

2019 Ag Formulation & Application Technology Congress(FAT)

Hangzhou,China    Nov. 13, 2019-Nov. 15, 2019


Nov. 13, 2019-Nov. 15, 2019


Sanli New Century Grand Hotel Zhejiang
538 Shaoxing Road, Xiacheng District., Hangzhou, China




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2019 Ag Formulation & Application Technology Congress(FAT)
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Nov. 5, 2019

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  • 1.Wei Zhang - ICAMA - Problems and countermeasures in pesticide registration in China

    2019-11-18     Pages:31     Language: Chinese

  • 17. Xuan Zhou Qian - Yinnong Technology - Practice and exploration of automatic control in the production of novel pesticide formulations

    2019-11-17     Pages:14     Language: Chinese

  • 16. Lu Wei - Dow Chemical - Application and new progress of high performance oil dispersion adjuvant and film forming agent for seed treatment in the development of formulation

    2019-11-17     Pages:19     Language: Chinese

  • 15.Jing Yu Chou - Shengyang Sinochem Agrochemicals R&D - Analysis on the research challenges and application practice of seed treatment formulation technology

    2019-11-17     Pages:42     Language: Chinese

  • 14.Jie Liu - Specialization of Crops diseases and Insect Pests Prevention Association of Hunan - Deep Thinking of the Profitability of UAV Plant Protection

    2019-11-17     Pages:38     Language: 中文 English

  • 13.Han Zhichao - Solvay Technology for Agro Market

    2019-11-17     Pages:39     Language: 中文 English

  • 12.ADRIANO OLIVEIRA - OXITENO - Review on Spray Application by Drones/UAV and Tank Mix Adjuvants

    2019-11-17     Pages:29     Language: English

  • 11.Sam Zhu, JianPing Xu - Corteva - Application Technology Trends: UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) for Crop Protection

    2019-11-17     Pages:34     Language: English

  • 10. Zi Yong Zhang - Nanoscience Research Institute - The combination of nanopesticide technology and UVA crop protection is the best choice to protect plants and ecosystem

    2019-11-17     Pages:18     Language: Chinese

  • 9.Helen Gu - Evonik - Novel and robustdelivery systems for Sustainable Agriculture

    2019-11-17     Pages:35     Language: 中文 English

  • 8.Lue Tao Fang - Microspectrum Technology - Study on total analysis and quality control of formulation

    2019-11-17     Pages:41     Language: Chinese

  • 7.James Qin - SINVOCHEM - Research and Practice of Low Speed Wind Tunnel and Pesticide Delivery

    2019-11-17     Pages:49     Language: 中文 English

  • 6.Justin Qiu - Syngenta - Formulation Engineering for Agchem Classification

    2019-11-17     Pages:23     Language: English

  • 5.Wayne Chen - Nouryon - Global agricultural market dynamics and trends

    2019-11-17     Pages:39     Language: 中文 English

  • 4.Xiong Kui He - Use of Drones as a Tool for Chemical Application Technology in China

    2019-11-17     Pages:52     Language: English

  • 3. Leng Yang SPRI - Analysis of the latest development of pesticide formulation technology in China

    2019-11-17     Pages:66     Language: Chinese

  • 2. Roy Chen - former ADAMA - New Dynamics & Trend of Global Agchem Formulation Development, Optimization and Application Technology

    2019-11-17     Pages:43     Language: 中文和英文