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FSHOW 2018 Fertilizer Conference & Exhibition

FSHOW 2018 Fertilizer Conference & Exhibition

Shanghai,China    Mar. 6, 2018-Mar. 9, 2018


Mar. 6, 2018-Mar. 9, 2018



Sheraton Hotel
Shanghai, China


CCPIT Sub-Council Of Chemical Industry,CCOIC Chemical Industry Chamber of Commerce


Michael Zhao


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FSHOW 2018 Fertilizer Conference & Exhibition
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Jun. 15, 2017

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Theme Forum+ 3 sub-forums
★“One Belt One Road” Fertilizer Forum
★ Biostimulants Forum
★Potash Industry Annual Meeting
★English and Chinese Simultaneous Translation Provided

Theme Forum (9:00-12:00, 6th March, 2018)
Host: Mrs. Ma Chunyan, Vice Chairman of CCPIT CHEM
  • The Supply Side Reform and Transition of China Fertilizer Industry  9:00-9:25 Mr. Li Shousheng, Chairman of China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation
  • The Statues and Strategic Development of China Fertilizer Industry  9:25-9:50 Mr. Gao Xiangzhao, Chief Expert, Ministry of Agriculture
  • The Development Opportunity of Potash, Micro & Medium Fertilizer in New Era  9:50-10:15 Mr. Wang Xiaofeng, Chairman of China Inorganic Salt Industry Association
Coffee Break  10:15-10:45

Host: Mr. Chen Guofu , Secretary General of CISIA
  • The Fertilizer Industry in Belt and Road Regions and the Development of Future  Agriculture 10:45-11:10  Prof Xu Xiucheng, Zhengzhou University
  • The Development and International Trade of Organic Fertilizer 11:10-11:35  Mr. Shen Jianhua, Deputy Secretary General of Organic Fertilizer Division China Agricultural Material Circulation Association
  • The Utilization of Bio-stimulants in Functional Fertilizers  11:35-12:00   Prof Chen Qing, China Agricultural University
Buffet  Lunch

Sub-forum I: One Belt and Road Initiative (13:30-18:30, 6th March, 2018)

Host: Dr. Dong Zhan, Tech Director of Yantai Jiate Biotechnology Co.,Ltd.
  • The Development Analysis of China Special Fertilizer Market in 2018  13:30-13:55 Mr. Feng Weidong, Chief Director of Agro & Market Magazine
  • The Forecast of New Fertilizer Market in Asia Pacific Regions  13:55-14:20 Ms. Wang Ling, China Representative, Integer
  • The Practice and Opportunity of Agriculture Enterprise in Belt and Road Strategy 14:20-14:45 Dr. Chen Yuguang, Senior Consultant of Zhejiang Agriculture Investment Development Chamber of Commerce, President of Techpower Technology Co., Ltd.
  • The Fertilization in Protected Agriculture and its Revelation on Fertilizer Development 14:45-15:10  Mr. Tian Duanhua, Dean of Shandong Modern Agriculture Science Institute  
Coffee Break  15:10-15:30
Host: Dr. Chen Yuguang, Senior Consultant of Zhejiang Agriculture Investment Development Chamber of Commerce
  • The Development of Industrialized Agriculture and Fertilizer Management in the USA   15:30-15:55  Dr.Randy Madden, Founder and CEO of Madden Farm Inc.
  • The Plantation of Palm and the Implementation of Fertilizers in Malaysia 15:55-16:20 Dr. Mohd Fauzi Ramlan, Office of the President University Putra Malaysia
  • The Application of Fertilizers in Iran and other Middle East Countries  16:20-16:55 Prof Majeed Askar, Crop Protection Academy, University of Tehran
  • The Analysis of Pakistan Fertilizer Market and the Usage of New Fertilizers  16:55-17:20 Dr. Azher Ali, Four Brothers Group, Pakistan
  • The Agriculture and the Application of Special Fertilizer in Russia 17:20-17:45 Mr. Fedotov Konstantin General manager, Avangard Company, Russia
  • Australian Fertilizer Market Analysis and Sulphate Potash Project Progress 17:45-18:10 Mr. Mark Savich,CEO,Agrimin limited,Australia
Sub-forum II: Bio-stimulants (13:30-18:30, 6th March, 2018)
Host: Prof Tang Jianwei, Director of National Research and Promotion Center of Calcium Magnesium, Phosphor Compound Fertilizer
  • The Function of Bio-stimulants and Fertilizer Enhancer  13:30-14:00 Dr. Wang Yue, Chief Expert of China Bio-stimulants Development Union
  • The Development and Application of Compound Microorganism Bacterium Agent 14:00-14:30 Prof Chen Jie, Shanghai Jiao Tong University
  • High-tech Courtyard and Agricultural Technology Service  14:30-15:00 Prof Li Xiaolin, China Agriculture University

Coffee Break 15:00-15:30
Host: Prof Chen Qing, China Agricultural University 
  • The Processing Technique of Fertilizer Synergist Combination 15:30-16:00 Prof Tang Jianwei, Director of National Research and Promotion Center of Calcium Magnesium, Phosphor Compound Fertilizer
  • The Discussion on Soil Testing Formula and Compound Synergistic Technology 16:00-16:30  Mr. Bai Youlu, Chairman of China Society of Plant Nutrition and Fertilizer Sciences
  • The Research on Plant Growth and Stress Response Mechanism 16:30-17:30 Prof Shen Yuanyue, Beijing University of Agriculture
  • Seaweed Bio-stimulants and the Application on Water Soluble Fertilizers 17:30-18:30 Prof Shen Hong, Agricultural University of South China
Sub-forum III: Potash Industry Annual Meeting   

Host: Mrs Zhou Yue, Executive Deputy Secretary General of CISIA Potash Branch
  • The Introduction and the Prospect of China Potash Fertilizer Industry 13:30-13:55 Mr. Wang Xingfu, Chairman of Potash Fertilizer Branch, President of Qinghai Salt Lake Industry Co.,Ltd
  • The Technical Innovation of Salt Lake Resource Utilization 13:55-14:20 Mr. Wu Zhijian, Standing Deputy Dean of Qinghai Salt Lake Research Institute, CAS
  • The Review and Prospect of Global Potassium Chloride Market 14:20-14:45 Mr. Ju Hao, Senior Analyst of CRU
  • The Current Situation and Forecast of China Potash Industry in 2017 14:45-15:10 Ms. Zhou Yue, Standing Deputy Secretary General of Potash Fertilizer Branch of CISIA
Coffee Break 15:10-15:30
Host: Mrs Ye Lijun, Secretary General of CISIA Micronutrients Branch
  • The Development Trend and Prospect of Potassium Nitrate and Other Fused Salt 15:30-16:00 Mr. Wang Jianqiang, Director of Shanghai Institute of Applied Physics, CAS
  • Potash Fertilizer, Micro & Medium Fertilizer and Agrochemical Service 16:00-16:25 Mr. Wang Zihao, R&D Director of Sinofert
  • New Trend of Agriculture, New Era of Agricultural Materials  16:25-16:50 Mr. Li Jiguo, President of Kingfarm
  • The Technical Development Trend of Micro & Medium Element Fertilizers 16:50-17:15 Ms. Ye Lijun, Secretary General of Micro Nutrions Fertilizer Branch of CISIA
  • Silicon, Calcium, Potash, Magnesium Soil Conditioner Group Standard Release and Interpretation  17:15-17:30  Dr. Li Xiaoyan, Tianjin Cement Design Institute
  • Norway Elkem Silicone Material and its Application in Agriculture 17:30-17:40  Elkem Compa
  • Green Fertilizer Certificate Guaranteeing Sustainable Development of Agriculture 17:40-18:00  Ms. Yao Qin, Deputy General Manager of HQC
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