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Agrochemical Formulation Strategies for Crop Protection  2018

Agrochemical Formulation Strategies for Crop Protection 2018

Online Academy,Global    Mar. 5, 2018-Apr. 2, 2018

Online Academy,Global

Mar. 5, 2018-Apr. 2, 2018


Agrochemical Training International


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Agrochemical Formulation Strategies for Crop Protection  2018
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Nov. 17, 2017

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Agrochemical Formulation Strategies for Crop Protection
Get to grips with key agrochemical formulation types
Brand new 4-week online course starting 5th March 2018

This course is designed for professionals seeking to advance their formulation career. Over the course of 4 weeks and 7 modules, learners will increase their understanding of such topics as:
  • EC and EW formulations
  • SC, WG and OD formulations
  • Bioavailability of active ingredients
  • Seed treatment and coating
Learners may have previously participated in ATI's A Beginner's Guide to Agrochemical Formulations and may use this course as a suitable follow-on. Alternatively, learners may already be familar with the basics of agrochemical formulation and may use this course to improve their knowledge of specific formulation types.

This online academy course can be accessed from 5th March 2018. 2 modules will be uploaded per week, allowing you to study at your own pace. Your trainer will welcome any questions that arise throughout your course.

Please note that full payment must be made prior to the course start date in order to receive your login details to begin the course.

Sample module of Beginner's Guide is available to try: "Introduction to Agrochemical Formulations" part of module 1. This overview is delivered by Dr Bullock and Dr Calvert, the trainers of this online course. 
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