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Seminar: Dietary Safety & Risk Assessment

Seminar: Dietary Safety & Risk Assessment

Mannheim,Germany    Jan. 23, 2018-Jan. 23, 2018


Jan. 23, 2018-Jan. 23, 2018




knoell academy - Dr. Knoell Consult GmbH


Eva Schweitzer


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Seminar: Dietary Safety & Risk Assessment
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Nov. 22, 2017

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The emphasis of the seminar is to provide an overview of dietary safety aspects and requirements in the registration process of agrochemicals in the EU. The participants will receive information on the legal framework of dietary safety aspects in the EU frame work, details on metabolism and residues in plants and animals, maximum residue limits (MRL) and the risk assessment on EU and national level.


General introduction:
- Position of DSA in EU Regulatory Framework
- Guideline Overview
- Types of DSA Relevant Studies

Metabolism and Magnitude of Residues:
- Purposes, Guidelines, Requirements
- Study Types: Target Crop, Rotational Crop, Livestock
- Metabolic Reactions and Pathways
- Sampling and Analytical Procedures
- Definition of Residue (DoR)
- Extrapolations

Further DS Relevant Studies:
- Processing
- Storage Stability

MRL (Maximum Residue Limits):
- Calculation Methods
- MRL Legislation in the EU

Risk Assessment:
- Chronic vs. Acute Risk Assessment
- Food Consumption Data
- EFSA Primo / National Models
- Preview

The content of the lecture can be adapted to the requirements of the respective audience.
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