CALL FOR ENTRIES! This is your chance to be selected for a $250,000 investment! qrcode

Dec. 3, 2018

We have an opportunity for early/seed stage agri-food start-ups to enter the World Agri-Tech Pitch Day and the Radicle Challenge. This is a fantastic opportunity for one of the eight finalists to secure $250,000 investment funding from Radicle Growth and also present within the main Technology Showcase session at the World Agri-Tech Innovation Summit.
Only three weeks to go until entries close on Friday December 21:
Even without the ‘win’, any start-up will massively benefit from being at the Pitch Day with the international mentors in the room, as well as the two-day conference insights and networking throughout the summit (each company will be given a complimentary pass worth $2,295). Startups can apply here. Deadline: December 21.

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