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Dec. 28, 2018

The World Agri-Tech Innovation Summit in San Francisco on March 19-20 will create powerful learning and networking opportunities for over 1,000 senior agtech leaders. 
The new extended 2019 program features streamed in-depth content on genomics and precision ag, alongside 40+ round table discussion groups and country-focused briefings.
Learn from over 80 Industry Experts  
Mars shares its vision to solve agriculture’s biggest challenges through gene editing 
Temasek, global investment company uncovers opportunities for global agtech investment 
Smith Packing explores how start-ups can better navigate the technology adoption on the farm 
Nutrien defines how it is supporting start-ups to bring exciting, innovative solutions to market 
Bringing you tomorrow’s breakthrough solutions, the Technology Showcase is where you'll meet the innovators shaping the future of agriculture, including WeedOut, Dynium Robot, GroGuru, Bontera... 
Join Google Launchpad, Amazon, Microsoft, IBM and Tencent to uncover the role these technology giants are set to play in agtech, and learn how A.I. is going to redefine future breakthroughs.
Harris Lewin of The Earth BioGenome Project will present the impact that sequencing and characterizing the genomes of all Earth’s Eukaryotic biodiversity could have in addressing the challenges of feeding the planet. 
Have breakfast with Brazil’s agtech business leaders including Verde Agri-Tech Marketplace and understand what opportunities are set to scale in this region and how you can be part of the success story.

Join the Debate and Network with Business Targets 
World Agri-Tech's popular networking roundtables will ensure you add your voice to the debate around key industry challenges, connecting with industry peers who share your focus.

New Summit
Taking place the day before World Agri-Tech, the Animal AgTech Innovation Summit explores emerging opportunities in precision nutrition, smart livestock farming, gene editing and disease-prevention, bringing together industry leaders, innovators and investors from around the world.

Take advantage of the early booking rate (saving USD $400) and get a front row seat at the sell-out conference. Book your place today.

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