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Apr. 30, 2021


The 33rd edition of Sahara, the International Agricultural Exhibition for Africa and The Middle East, is announced to be taking place between 12th and 15th of September 2021 at Egypt International Exhibition Center under the patronage of the Ministry of Agriculture and Land Reclamation. The Exhibition is sponsored by the National Bank of Egypt, with the participation of major international organizations specialized in agriculture, animal production and aquaculture.

Vast opportunities provided on the development path

Sahara exhibition is creating opportunities for professionals working in the agriculture business in Egypt to expanding their network and building up their business relationships.

Egypt is currently promoting its national development strategy 2030 vision aiming to the development of the agriculture system, since it is a vital and critical cornerstone of the economy development. Establishing a development vision of the agriculture sector is the correct path that should be taken to achieve food security, expand the production of strategic crops, increase government investments directed to the agricultural sector and implement national agricultural projects.

Food security as a matter of national security

“Egypt is adopting new strategies to expand the agricultural system in its various fields as a part of the food security plan, which is considered a matter of national security. On the long run, we are aiming to increasing agriculture exports internationally.” Said Dr. Mohamed Al-Kersh, the official spokesperson of the Ministry of Agriculture and Land Reclamation and the executive director of “Prime Project” – which is a project dedicated to enhancing the marketing capabilities of small farmers in the Egyptian countryside.

“Sahara is the commercial heart and crop production hub for Egypt and The MEA region. This exhibition is a meeting place and an educational forum for agricultural professionals, playing a significant role in developing cultivation awareness in the market. It provides the chance to exchanging experiences, spreading knowledge, and discovering advanced technologies and strategies adopted in the local and international markets. Sahara helps agriculture professionals in creating the necessary networks to expand the business and present remarkable investment and growth opportunities throughout the local market, which comes on top of the ministry's priorities” added Dr. Al-Kersh.

Dr. Mohamed Al-Kersh also stated that “The Ministry has launched “Ezraa Sah” campaign in cooperation with the IFAD Prime Project to educate farmers about the most important agricultural guidelines through social media platforms, which will help raise the level of production and reduce poverty rates, as a part of the strenuous efforts taken toward achieving the development vision”
In conjunction with Egypt’s keenness to develop the agricultural sector, the National Bank of Egypt, which is the strategic sponsor of the exhibition this year, has provided a range of financial and non-financial services to the agricultural sector in all its activities, including poultry, animal production, aquaculture, dairy, and agricultural processing, as part of the Central Bank’s initiatives.

Mamdouh Afia, Head of Small and Medium Enterprises Group at the National Bank of Egypt, stated that: “the bank supports small and medium enterprises, and pays special attention to the agricultural sector to develop its resources by providing a set of specialized financing programs that include the integration of the value chain system associated with the agricultural sector, and provide the necessary financing for the development of new agricultural projects. The list is based on facilitated and simplified procedures to cope with the need for prompt decision-making and project implementation, while ensuring the quality of service through all bank branches spread throughout different governorates.”

For this year also, “e-Aswaaq Misr”, an affiliate to “e-Finance” group, is participating in the activities of this edition as one of the official sponsors for Sahara Exhibition. “e-Aswaaq Misr” launched the "Agri Egypt" platform - the first specialized digital platform for the agricultural sector in cooperation with the Ministry of Agriculture and the Agricultural Bank of Egypt. Agri Misr platform provides a set of integrated digital services to the agricultural sector in terms of e-commerce services for production requirements and agricultural crops, as well as digital financial services, delivery, support, management, investment and agricultural development, in addition to electronic payment card services that are used in the platform or in direct purchase from fully automated agriculture association. Thus making the "Agri Misr" platform the first destination for financing, trade and electronic trading of all agricultural sector products, bringing together all supply and distribution chains for this vital sector by incorporating the agricultural holdings system developed by eFinance in integration with the Agri Misr platform within a unified system, namely The first of its kind in Egypt.


About Sahara

Sahara is a platform specialized in agriculture, animal production, and aquaculture in the Middle East and Africa. For more than three decades, the exhibition has witnessed strong participation from exhibitors and visitors from Africa, Europe, and Asia, as nearly a thousand different local and international companies participated in the exhibition during its previous editions with more than twenty thousand visitors annually. This next edition will take place over thirty thousand square meters, in addition to an educational conference featuring experts from the industry to provide knowledge on the latest technologies and opportunities in the market.

Informa AllSecure during the time of COVID-19

The exhibition global organizer Informa Markets announced the implementation of “Informa AllSecure” approach during this year’s session. This approach was adopted after the spread of COVID-19 to ensure the highest standards of health and safety during the exhibition.

“We remain committed to supporting the recovery of the agricultural industry by holding the exhibition for four days in Cairo, Egypt - the commercial heart of the agricultural sector in Africa and the Middle East,” said Ms. Hanaa Youssef, the exhibition director.

“The company is keen that this year's edition succeeds in meeting its objectives while maintaining all health and safety precautions and measures to ensure a fruitful yet safe participation for the exhibitors, the visitors, and all the other participants,” she added.

It is worth mentioning that Sahara is offering all agriculture enthusiasts a set of digital solutions and opportunities including webinars, news, and market trends reports, in order to extend their reach beyond the 4-day exhibition to learn more about their customers’ behavior, enhance their business strategies, and generate new sources of revenue.

If you are interested in joining the Exhibition or learning more about Sahara activities, please visit the following website

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