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Aug. 19, 2021

The World BioProtection Forum (WBF) welcomes you to a virtual summit on the Use of Adjuvants and Soil Health in Agriculture on 12 October 2021.


Stewardship of soil health is integral to maintaining planetary wellbeing, and the soil microbiome is a key player for the conservation of soil health. There are billions of microbes that can be found in a handful of arable soil, but we have not yet fully explored, identified or characterised the soil microbiome to discover species that are potentially as beneficial, if not more beneficial, as chemical solutions in increasing crop productivity, maintaining plant health, protecting against crop diseases, and are eco-friendly.

On 12 October 2021, the WBF is hosting a free virtual event for stakeholders, from across the AgriTech sector to discuss the Use of Adjuvants and Soil Health in Agriculture. This webinar is relevant to start-ups, SMEs, entrepreneurs, innovators, multinationals, academic institutions, research organisations and end users. A key goal is to connect those looking to develop biorational products with industry partners who may be able to support the realisation of these products into commercial materials.

Finding the right adjuvants for BioProtection products is a major challenge. As well as providing the required support, adjuvants must be compatible with the active organism and suited to its application technique. This is often cited as the most important obstacle in scaling up and commercialising a new bioprotectant. Join this virtual event in October 2021 to hear from experts in the field and connect with stakeholders in the BioProtection sector who can help overcome challenges in this area of product efficacy.

Dr Minshad Ansari, Chairman of the WBF said: “There are numerous challenges with formulating crop protection products, and the AgriTech sector has developed numerous adjuvants for enhanced persistency, penetration, UV protection, wetting, etc, but for bioprotection products these solutions also need to be biocompatible. In order to bring bioprotection products to market in a practical, usable form, ‘collaboration for innovation’ is key – if we can connect the bioprotection sector, we can help advance the industry by providing products that are practical to use, and work in the field as well as in the lab.”

Professor Shashi Sharma, President of the WBF, added: “In the 21st century, our focus must be on soil health and the underpinning microbiome to explore and discover the winners that will enable us to transform the unsustainable global food production systems to sustainable systems.”

Biological solutions present a fast-growing segment of AgriTech, and they offer a sustainable alternative to synthetic chemicals. This is particularly important as more chemicals are being withdrawn from the market due to their toxicity, leaving growers helpless in the fight against a growing number of crop pests and diseases. The WBF is founded on the belief that, by creating the connections that allow individuals and companies to take biological technologies forward, the sector can more successfully provide the solutions needed to fill the gaps left in the market by withdrawn synthetic chemicals.

More information about is available at - register on-line to attend this virtual summit on the Use of Adjuvants and Soil Health in Agriculture.

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