The 21st AgroChemEx & the 4th AGROTECH Held Successfully qrcode

Nov. 18, 2021

The 21st AgroChemEx (ACE) and the 4th AGROTECH hosted by CCPIA were successfully held in Hangzhou International Expo Center on November 8, 2021.


As an influential international annual event and a barometer of the development of the agrochemical industry, ACE has been successfully held for 21 years. Due to the impact of the pandemic, the exhibition area is about 40,000m2 with more than 400 enterprises participated in the exhibition and about 20,000 visitors.


In order to cooperate with agrochemical enterprises to deal with the global pandemic, strengthen exchanges with overseas customers and explore the international market, ACE Online platform is specially set up " The 8th ACE Global Agrochemical Market Webinar", relying on the high quality suppliers of ACE exhibition, through online and offline integration, which is dedicated to the broad masses of overseas purchasers and suppliers to provide accurate and efficient online trade and docking services. The exhibition has online VR exhibition hall, photo live, video live, etc. Through ACE Online Exhibition, visitors at home and abroad can know the current situation of the exhibition in real time, and communicate with the exhibitors online.


Focuses on the current hot topic of "Transformation layout of pesticide enterprises under low-carbon dual control and upgrading of supply chain under the new situation of energy supply", the China Pesticide Market Supply and Demand Analysis Forum (Wynca Forum) and China Pesticide International Market Forum (Yulong Forum) were held. The conference invited domestic senior experts, scholars and outstanding entrepreneurs to share and in-depth discussion on the current situation and development trend of the industry.

For more information on a series of ACE exhibition and Chinese agrochemical companies, please visit aceshow(

Source: CCPIA

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