XIII International Symposium on Plant Biotechnology

Santa Clara,Cuba    May. 8, 2018-May. 11, 2018

Santa Clara,Cuba

May. 8, 2018-May. 11, 2018


Cayo Santa Maria


Instituto de Biotecnologia de las Plantas


Leyanis Garcia-Aguila



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Sep. 26, 2017

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The Plant Biotechnology Institute is pleased to invite you to the XIII International Symposium on Plant Biotechnology.
In its thirteenth edition, professors, researchers, postgraduate students, businessmen, officials and managers related to teaching, research, services and marketing will have the opportunity to exchange results, experiences and reflect on the future of plant biotechnology.
In addition, they will have the opportunity to visit Cayo Santa María, located in an area declared as a biosphere reserve in the province of Villa Clara and considered one of the four specialized tourism regions of Cuba.

  • In vitro culture of cells, tissues and organs
  • In vitro propagation
  • Secondary metabolites
  • Plant-microorganisms interactions
  • Functional genomics and proteomics
  • Bioinformatics
  • Biofortification and metabolic engineering
  • Abiotic stress and plant nutrition
  • Biotechnology and Biofuels
  • Biotechnology, climate change and food security
  • Biodiversity and conservation of plant genetic resources
  • Biotechnology and society
  • Training of professionals in biotechnology
  • Scientific communication in biotechnology
  • Organization of sessions: conferences, workshops and poster

  1. Somatic embryogenesis as a propagation system for the production of plants on a commercial scale. Coordinators: Dr.C. Leyanis García-Aguila and Dr.C. Raúl Barbón
  2. Genetic improvement and propagation of Phaseolus vulgaris L. Coordinators: Dr.C. Novisel Veitía and Dr.C. Raúl Collado
  3. Contribution of biotechnology to the management of wilt by Fusarium in Musa . Coordinators: Dr.C. Idalmis Bermúdez-Caraballoso and Dr.C. Maria I. Oloriz
  4. Production of potato seed by biotechnological methods. Advances and perspectives. Coordinators: Dr.C. Manuel de Feria and Dr.C. Elementary proficiency
  5. Bioproducts for the treatment of seeds against biotic and abiotic stress. Coordinators: Dr.C. Yelenys Alvarado-Capó and Dr.C. Mileidy Cruz-Martín

Official languages: Spanish & English
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