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2019 China Pesticide Exporting Workshop (CPEW)

2019 China Pesticide Exporting Workshop (CPEW)

Hangzhou, Zhejiang,China    Jul. 4, 2019-Jul. 5, 2019

Hangzhou, Zhejiang,China

Jul. 4, 2019-Jul. 5, 2019


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2019 China Pesticide Exporting Workshop (CPEW)
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Feb. 21, 2019

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Join hands with Chinese partners to develop global potential markets

In 2018-2019,  following a year of structural adjustments and price fluctuations, the new ecology of global pesticide supply and demand is gradually taking shape. At the same time, the opportunities offered by markets throughout  the world are  releasing unlimited potential, with their  diversified market structures stimulating new product demands.


In July 2018, the China Pesticide Exporting Workshop (CPEW) was held in Hangzhou, China. For the first time, more than 30 overseas distributors and importers, along with  200 leading domestic agrochemical companies, were gathered on this platform to  communicate face to face, which resulted in  great attention and praise, both at home and abroad.


Under this new supply and demand ecology, both Chinese and overseas agrochemical companies are facing the same problem: How do they keep up with  trends, and make product and market deployments in advance ? How do they  recognize  new market potentials and discover new product opportunities? And how do they  strengthen their own advantages and find strategic suppliers for cooperation?


To this end,  this year AGROPAGES will hold a  conference focused on the theme, "Join hands with Chinese partners to develop global potential markets". The conference  will be open to overseas visitors, and will also invite Chinese policy and market analysts; multinational companies; agrochemical distributors and importers deeply rooted in local markets; representatives of leading Chinese manufacturers. AGROPAGES  aims to create a grand event for information sharing in the industry.

Topics of the speech

♦  The new ecology of Global pesticide supply

In 2018, the global pesticide procurement environment quietly changed. The new ecology of pesticide production in China is also gradually taking shape.


-          What is the current production layout of major pesticide varieties in China and in India?

-          Is the export situation increasing or decreasing? Where is the key market?

-          What is the current status and the impact of the environmental protection policy in China and how to respond  ?

-         The latest Sino-US trade situation and its impact on agriculture and agrochemical companies

-          ......

These questions will be answered during discussions of  this topic. 

♦  Market opportunities for new off-patent products and China’s own patented products


Chinese companies with economies of scale have stocked new off-patent products. Compounds created by Chinese companies have also begun to emerge on the global stage.


-          What will be the pattern of new product supplies  in the Chinese market during the next few years?

-          What are the potentials of China's own patented pesticides in overseas markets?

-          How do Chinese suppliers choose their strategic partners globally?

-          ......


Within this topic, you will be able to target strategic products in advance.


♦  Opportunities and challenges in overseas markets


Exploring global opportunities is the eternal theme for development.


-          What changes are being experienced in agriculture in the distant African continent?

-          What structural changes are being experienced in Latin America for product demand?

-          Which countries in Central and Eastern Europe have  higher returns on investment and how can they be  entered?

-          ......


We welcome leading agrochemical companies/distributors/importers from around the world and call for papers  to share market experiences and wisdom, and to strengthen their own advantages by joining with Chinese companies.


♦   More topics


You are welcome to leave a message for more topic suggestions.



Pre-warming meeting

In the pre-warming meeting of 2018CPEW, acknowledged Chinese pesticide suppliers and traders selected by AGROPAGES have had close contacts and exchanges with representatives of overseas companies from Brazil, Chile, Colombia, India, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Ethiopia. In 2019, AGROPAGES will continue to build this brand business matchmaking conference and provide a broader platform for self-presentation and communication for overseas agrochemical companies.


How to attend

-          The registration fee for visitors is USD 430/person (USD 398/person before May. 11);

-           Visitors are welcome to deliver a speech about local market information or distribution channel construction;

-          Book a meeting room/open negotiation desk to conduct  in-depth conversations with leading Chinese companies;

-          Sponsor  a workshop to raise your brand awareness.

Who should attend

Leading Chinese agrochemical manufactures/traders;

Agrochemical importers and distributors in the global market;

Agrochemical consulting companies from different countries;

Procurement managers in multinational corporations; 



See last year's workshop

Sharing information and building business connectivity, 2018 CPEW ended with great success



Contact person:

Mickey Shan | AGROPAGES



Wechat: M22041149


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