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2020 China Pesticide Exporting Workshop (CPEW)

2020 China Pesticide Exporting Workshop (CPEW)

Hangzhou, Zhejiang,China    Jul. 9, 2020-Jul. 10, 2020

Hangzhou, Zhejiang,China

Jul. 9, 2020-Jul. 10, 2020




Mickey Shan


+86 18705817985

2020 China Pesticide Exporting Workshop (CPEW)
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Mar. 5, 2020

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In 2019, changes to regulations governing chemical industrial parks in China had an adverse impact on pesticide production, which subsequently significantly affected purchases from international markets. In general, the restructuring of the Chinese pesticide industry is accelerating and more product varieties are being controlled bymajorcompanies. 
From a geographical point of view, pesticide production is moving from China’s eastern coastal region to its northwest region or even overseas. From a product structure perspective, patented products developed by Chinese companies are emerging and niche product are increasingly breaking out. Looking at the global market, because of regulatory changes, product demand from around the world has structurally changed towards demand for substitution, which is a new trade trend. 
The China Pesticide Exporting Workshop (CPEW) has been successfully held for three consecutive years and has become a platform for discussing the development trends of the global agrochemical and agriculture market. Itshas also helped meet global business procurement needs. Over 250 Chinese and 100 foreign companies have participated in the workshop, which include multinationals and local pesticide industry leaders, Chinese and Indian pesticide manufacturers and traders. 
In 2020, CPEW2020 is scheduled to be held on 9th to 10th July in Hangzhou, to discuss the development trends of China's pesticide industry and opportunities in overseas markets.CPEW2020 will, besides being a major workshop, hold an “Overseas Dealer Panel Session” and an “Eastern Europe Development Session,” which will help its participantsdeal with issues relatedto market entry and business operations. 
Draft Topics for CPEW2020
1. Present status and feasibility of Chinese pesticide production moving to western China and overseas.
2. The situation of China’s agrochemical production andthe impact on global marketsof the outbreak of novel coronavirus.
3. Probe into new structures, new partnerships and new business models of global agrochemical trading.
4. Impact on the supply chain ofthe consolidation of overseas distribution channels.
5. Analytical study on global agrochemical market rules and pesticide application structural changes.
6. Overseas development and application examples of agrochemicals created in China.
7. Other topics.
You are welcome to contact “” to propose more topics of interest. 

Overseas Dealer Session
In this session, distributors in key agrochemical markets,such as Brazil and the US, are invited to explain their product distribution structures in their local markets, to help manufacturers better evaluate market access and risk control.
Eastern Europe Development Session
The session will invite local enterprises with rich local business experience to conduct a presentation on the “Bread Basket of Europe” in terms of market rules, marketing, production, geography and culture.
Pre-warming meeting
The meeting is a high-end business communication arena dedicated to the VIP customers of AgroPages. It will be held in the evening before the workshop in the form of a dinner/wine party, with the participation of all overseas delegates and selected Chinese agrochemical suppliers. Participants will have prior opportunityto get in touch with each other before the party to establish direct and closer contact.

How to attend

-          The registration fee for visitors is USD 430/person (USD 398/person before May, 15);

-           Visitors are welcome to deliver a speech about local market information or distribution channel construction;

-          Book a meeting room/open negotiation desk to conduct  in-depth conversations with leading Chinese companies;

-          Sponsor  a workshop to raise your brand awareness.

Who should attend

Leading Chinese agrochemical manufactures/traders;

Agrochemical importers and distributors in the global market;

Agrochemical consulting companies from different countries;

Procurement managers in multinational corporations; 



See reports of CPEW2019 

Market trends discussed, supply, procurements exchanged: 2019 CPEW successfully held! 

Contact person:

Mickey Shan | AGROPAGES



Wechat: M22041149

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