CAC Africa online

CAC Africa online

Nairobi,Kenya    Nov. 6, 2020-Jan. 6, 2021


Nov. 6, 2020-Jan. 6, 2021


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CCPIT Sub-council of Chemical Industry (CCPIT CHEM)


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CAC Africa online
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Nov. 2, 2020

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China (Africa) Agrochemicals Summit and Exhibition sponsored by CCPIT Sub-Council of Chemical Industry and Egerton University receives full support from Agrochemical Association of Kenya (AAK), Kenya Pest Control Products Board (PCPB), Kenya Investment Authority , Kenya Agribusiness and Agro-industry Alliance(KAAA), Seed Trade Association of Kenya(STAK) and Cereal Growers Association(CGA).

Egerton University, co-organizer of CAC Africa Summit, has outstanding advantage in agriculture study and research. It is located in Nakuru, capital of Great Rift Valley County, in the central of Great Rift Valley. Great Rift Valley area is the granary of Kenya, where most of the farms and flowers production cluster around. Egerton University is strong in conducting agricultural market research, agricultural technology training and demonstration, has resources and facilities including agricultural demonstration zone and molecular biology laboratory, and enjoys high reputation in the agriculture industry in Kenya and Africa.

In 2018,China exported pesticides to 43 countries in Africa and exported more than 30,000 tons to 10 countries in East Africa. Kenya ranked fourth in import of pesticide products in Africa and first in East Africa. Demand for agrochemical products is growing rapidly in East Africa. In the past five years, the Exhibition has become a professional platform for the exchange and cooperation of agricultural technology and agrochemical trade in East Africa, attracting nearly 200 agrochemical enterprises from China, India, Malaysia, Kenya and other countries, and nearly 2,000 professional buyers from 18 countries including Africa, Asia and Europe to visit and negotiate. More and more association and media are paying attention to this exhibition.

In order to overcome the outbreak of the COVID-19 lead to international trade, CAC Africa Summit Online is launched to create convenient exhibiting platform, widely invite global clients, enhance communication with exhibiting companies, and promote international exchange and cooperation between the Chinese and foreign enterprises during Pandemic.

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