2021, June

12th China International Fertilizer Show

Jun. 22, 2021-Jun. 24, 2021
Location:   Shanghai,China
Organizer:  CCPIT Sub-council of Chemical Industry (CCPIT CHEM)
12th China International Fertilizer Show

2021, November

2021 Biostimulants World Congress

Nov. 29, 2021-Dec. 2, 2021
Location:   Florida?,UnitedStates
Organizer:  Informa/New Ag

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Popular speakers

Luo Sha

Product Development Manager

Syngenta (China) Investment Co., Ltd.

Chen Jitao

Technical Manager

Dow Chemical (China) Investment Company Limited

Zhang Wei

Marketing Director

Guangzhou FTRT Chemical Co., Ltd

Song Wenyong

Senior Agronomist & Director of Technology Extension

Shandong Pengbo Biotechnology Co., Ltd