Argus NPK, Water Soluble and Micronutrient Fertilizers India 2018

New Delhi,India    Mar. 8, 2018-Mar. 9, 2018

New Delhi,India

Mar. 8, 2018-Mar. 9, 2018


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New Delhi, India


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Argus is delighted to announce that the Argus NPK, Water Soluble and Micronutrient Fertilizers India 2018 conference will take place in Delhi on 8-9 March.

In response to feedback from delegates and speakers, Argus is introducing an expanded programme covering micronutrient fertilizers along with NPKs and water soluble fertilizers. 
Asia-Pacific demand continues to dominate the fertilizer market, with major producers expecting India to play a big role in driving this growth. But the Indian market is fragmented and faces a number of issues such as supply chain inefficiencies, inadequate infrastructure and lack of awareness.
With an increasing need for high-quality crop nutrients, the conference aims to shed light on the demand, market size, and production trends of specialty fertilizers along with timing, dosages and application technologies. The event provides a comprehensive and complete picture of how various nutrient inputs can work together for maximum crop output. 

What you can expect in 2018:
 - 120+ targeted international and Indian participants consisting of NPK producers, buyers, agronomists and soil science experts
 - Technical and commercial presentations from key industry leaders
 - An interactive exhibition space where the latest products and technologies are shared

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Contact person:
 Josephine Pulvera   
 +65 64969899

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