Rejuvenating Agriculture in Nigeria 2018

Rejuvenating Agriculture in Nigeria 2018

TBC,Nigeria    Apr. 21, 2018-Apr. 22, 2018


Apr. 21, 2018-Apr. 22, 2018


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Rejuvenating Agriculture in Nigeria 2018
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Dec. 25, 2017

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Rejuvenating Agriculture in Nigeria 2018 is a platform for building deeper and more meaningful connections in the Nigerian agriculture sector than is typically afforded by the traditional agric trade show.
In partnership with the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, the organizer's vision is to use this summit as an avenue to strengthen the supply chain network of producers, agribusinesses, manufacturers, retailers and influencers responsible for driving the growth of agriculture in Nigeria.
Each organization represented by senior level executives at RAIN 2018 will be committed to working collaboratively across the agricultural supply chain to create a coordinated and comprehensive approach to driving agricultural growth, whilst also leveraging on their respective strengths to create an impact together that is greater than the sum of each individual part.

To preserve the effectiveness and intimacy of this summit, there will be no more than 200 delegates at this conference.

Who should attend?
  • Federal Ministry of Agriculture, State Ministry of Agriculture, Local Government Area, Agricultural Development Agencies,
  • Fertilizer Manufacturers, Agro Tools Manufacturers, Machineries Manufacturers and Fabricators
  • Tractor and Equipment manufacturers,
  • Animal, Livestock and Fish Feed Producers, 
  • Agriculture Research Institutes, Agriculture Processing Plants, Seed Producers

Benefits of attending:
  • Numerous networking opportunities with highly influential contacts in the Agriculture Sector.
  • Get the latest agricultural policy updates.
  • Discover new markets, Expand your business and operations.
  • Establish an outstanding presence in Nigeria.
  • Participate in exclusive meetings with technology experts, government officials and regulators.
  • Discuss and advance upcoming projects by exchanging business ideas with prospective clients.
Key themes:
Rejuvenating Agriculture in Nigeria will be a comprehensive 2 day summit providing a platform for discussion, debate, networking and business meetings.

The key themes to be explored are as follows:
  • Agriculture: Current and Emerging Opportunities, Agriculture Law and Policy, Soil and Crop Sciences, Fertilizer and Pesticides, Food Security
  • Support Infrastructure: Agriculture Transportation, Agricultural Workforce, Emerging Technology, Ports and Customs, Trade Tariffs and Associated costs
  • Finance: Development Funds, Government Initiatives, Intervention Funds
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