Seed & Seed Treatment Conference

Seed & Seed Treatment Conference

London,UnitedKingdom    May. 23, 2018-May. 24, 2018


May. 23, 2018-May. 24, 2018


Trade Essential (TE) - Seed and Seed Treatment Team


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Seed & Seed Treatment Conference
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Feb. 7, 2018

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Come and Explore the Trends & Innovation at upcoming Seed & Seed Treatment Conference, to be held on 23-24 May 2018, in London, United Kingdom.

Topics of Presentation
· Decoding Seed Vigor for Better Crop Establishment
· The timing of radicle emergence provides a method for predicting seed vigour and normal germination
· Rainfall Impact on Wheat Seed Development and Maturation
· Highlighting the Influence of Heat Shock on Plant Hormones and Germination
· European Outlook: Influence of MRLs on Global Trade
· An Insight into the Past and Future of Seed Industry
· Overview of Seed Treatment & Neonicotinoid Insecticide
· Seed Statistics: An Overview of the International Efforts of the Seed Industry
· Guidelines for Quality Management and Stewardship Programs of Treated Seeds
· Understanding the Impacts of Biopriming Seed Treatment with Rhizobacteria on Plant Growth
· A Closer Look at Environment Effect on Seed and Seedling Quality
· Mechanism and Regulation of Seed Dormancy and Germination: A Comprehensive Analysis
· The Role of Environment During Seed Production on Seed Vigour and Crop Establishment
· Apprehending Genetic Diversity and Conservation of Genetic Resources in Crops
· Analysing the Need to Use Quality Management Systems in Seed Treatment Applicators: Optimizing the Application Process
· Exploring the Latest Technologies for Limiting Dust-off of Treated Seeds
· Seed Applied Technologies: The Novel Approach to Enhance Seed Quality
· Seed Treatment Technologies: Benefits from Field to Shelf
· Spectral Imaging Technology for Seed Analysis
· Next Phase: What are the impacts of Gene Editing on Global Seed Business?
· Exploring Various Seed Enhancing Treatments
· Examining the Pelleting System: Scrutinizing the Viability of Seeds in Grain Screening Pellets
· Knowing Spinach Variants: Comprehending Germination and Establishment Considerations
· Next Phase: What are the impacts of Gene Editing on Global Seed Business?
· Analysing the Effects of Heat Stress During Grain-Filling on Seed Quality
· Comprehending Natural Variation for Seed Longevity and Seed Dormancy
· Seed Dormancy: Understanding the Role of Enclosing Maternal Tissue Layers
· Identifying Genetic Resources and Mechanisms for Developing Flooding-tolerant Varieties
· Maternal Environmental Signalling in the Control of Seed Germination
And Many More...
Confirmed Speakers?
· Dr Alison Powell, Chair, ISTA Vigour Committee and the ISTA Seed Science Advisory Group
· Dr Loic Rajjou, Associate Professor - Chair holder – Plant physiology, AgroParisTech
· Prof. Richard Ellis, Professor, University of Reading
· Didier Demilly, Phenotyping Engineer, INRA French National Institute for Agricultural Research - GEVES
· Dr José Joao Carvalho, Head of Global Business Development and Regulatory Policy for Agro dossiers, Dr. Knoell Consult
· Dr Chae Sun Na Research manager, Seed viability research team, Seed Vault department Baeckdu Daegan National Arboretum
· Tomas Funda, Deputy Coordinator of IUFRO Working Party, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
· Prof.Elwira Sliwinska, Professor, UTP University of Science and Technology in Bydgoszcz, Poland
· Sebastian Blunk, Research Student, University of Nottingham
· Dr Juan Carlos Cabrera, R&D director, Fyteko SA
· Dr Cristina Barrero Sicilia, Research Fellow, University of Hertfordshire
· Prof. Gerhard Leubner, Chair of Plant Biochemistry, Royal Holloway University of London
· Prof. Ole Søgaard Lund, Associate Professor, University of Copenhagen 
· Dr Kazumi Nakabayashi, Research Scientist, Royal Holloway University of London
· Sara Oldfield, Freelance Biodiversity Consultant & Co-Chair, IUCN/SSC Global Tree Specialist Group
· And Many More….
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