4th CAC Pakistan Summit

Lahore,Pakistan    Dec. 4, 2018-Dec. 5, 2018


Dec. 4, 2018-Dec. 5, 2018


ahore International Expo Centre, Pakistan


CCPIT Sub-council of Chemical Industry (CCPIT CHEM)







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CAC Pakistan Summit

The number one Agrochemical sourcing event in Pakistan

CAC Pakistan Summit, a first ever professional agrochemical exhibition in Pakistan, was held successfully on 5-6 August 2014 in Lahore International Expo Center. Pakistan government and industry organizations gave high attention and vigorously support on this Summit. This Summit included 41 Chinese and local exhibitors, established 114 booths, and top 10 Agrochemicals leading enterprises from Pak set up the big booth. This Summit attracted more than 5,000 professional audiences, which showed the bilateral trade of two countries. Pakistani Government departments leaders and senior industry experts were be invited to introduce Pakistani economy, agriculture, crops, diseases, pests, pesticide registration, development planning, market demands such as pesticides, fertilizer, seeds and irrigation equipment, which made Chinese companies feel the excitement and opportunities in the local market and helped them rediscovered the Pakistani market. During the exhibition, more than 10 Pakistani national local televisions and 20 well-known newspapers, Medias gave interviews and live reports on the Summit. This Summit has become the new channels on agrochemicals cooperation between China and Pakistan, under economic corridor development opportunity, bilateral in the field of. At the welcoming dinner, Governor of Punjab province stressed that the Pakistani Government is constantly enhances local agricultural development level. He hoped CAC Pakistan Summit could lead more and more Chinese companies to join the construction and development of local agricultural.


In order to further promote bilateral exchanges between enterprises, CCPIT Chem signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the LCCI on 6 Aug., which include the cooperation on products promote, advanced technology introduce, exhibition platform construction, media and other aspects. According to the requirements of exhibitors, both sides decided to hold CAC Pakistan Summit in Lahore every year, which not only includes pesticides, fertilizers, seeds, pesticides production facilities, but also extended to agricultural machinery, plant protection equipment, chemical intermediates, pharmaceutical intermediates, introduce advanced technology, medium-sized and small enterprises Forum of cooperation, and so on.

Pakistan is an Agro based economy where agriculture accounts for 21% in her GDP. Agrochemicals have contributed significantly in raising agricultural yield. Pakistan annually imports about 80,000 tons of pesticides. Pesticide import value reached US $ 215 million in 2013. Unprecedented importance has been laid to agriculture development in the overall development plan by Pakistan government, stating in 2017 the Government imported pesticides amount will reach USD$ 250 million, which will significantly boost the demand of agrochemicals and equipments.

Who would Participate?

Officials from Various Government, Semi Government , Private Enterprises and field farmers would visit the exhibition which would be highlighted by leading Electronic and Print Media to give further hype to the summit.

Pesticides and Seeds:

During CAC Pakistan the manufacturers/suppliers would have an opportunity for a B2B meeting with importers of Pesticides having an average import Qty of 35,000MT of Pesticides with an average value of USD 140 Million, this value is likely to grow up further to USD 250Million in coming two-three years because of the special focus of Government on Agriculture.  In addition to this many field farmers would also be visiting having an cropped area of 22.4Million Hectares.

Apart from Pesticides, Pakistan is a big market for Hybrid Seed as well. Where more than 200 companies are dealing in the various Hybrid seed business. Following is a little bird eye view of about 3 Major Crops dealing in Hybrid Seeds.

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Cao Xufang

Deputy General Manager

Shandong Huimeng Biotech Co., Ltd.

Chen Tingzhuo

Director of Biopesticide Creation Center

Chengdu Newsun Crop Science Co., Ltd.

Rohit Nagraj

Sr. VP Centrum Broking - Chemicals & Agrochemicals

Centrum Broking Limited

Dr. Samir Dave


Pesticides Manufacturers & Formulators Assocoation of India(PMFAI)