3rd Precision CRISPR & NBT AgBio Congress

3rd Precision CRISPR & NBT AgBio Congress

San Diego,UnitedStates    Jun. 24, 2019-Jun. 26, 2019

San Diego,UnitedStates

Jun. 24, 2019-Jun. 26, 2019


Hilton Mission Valley
901 Camino Del Rio South, San Diego CALIFORNIA 92108 USA


Hanson Wade


+1 415 735 3289

3rd Precision CRISPR & NBT AgBio Congress
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Apr. 22, 2019

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Optimize the Discovery of Functional Traits & Engineer Next Generation Ag-Products that Improve Yield, Productivity & Tolerance
Securing sustainable food security for the global population has never been so critical. Join fellow agbiotech and R&D experts as they harness CRISPR, alongside other NBT’s to secure a more sustainable agricultural future and deliver improved seeds, crops and livestock that boosts tolerance, productivity and yield
Developed with industry experts from the likes of Acceligen, Cibus, Syngenta, USDA and leading professors from top agricultural institutes; this year’s 3rd Precision CRISPR & NBT AgBio Congress aims to explicate how we are working to produce more from less through functional trait genomics and novel breeding innovation.
Get to grips with the rapid advances being made with CRISPR & NBT technology. Learn how to improve delivery, specificity and efficiency of CRISPR and ensure you understand how to navigate the product development and regulatory landscapes.
Given the current regulatory, policy and commercialization challenges that face CRISPR technology, this meeting looks beyond CRISPR as a trait breeding solution.  The 3rd Precision CRISPR & NBT AgBio Congress collects the leading nimble start-ups that are set to change the way we currently modify food.

Why Attend the 3rd Precision CRISPR & NBT AgBio Congress?
With 80+ thought-leaders converging across the agricultural landscape, Precision CRISPR & NBT AgBio Congress presents a unique opportunity for you to learn how to reap the benefits of new breeding technologies and contribute to the acceleration of safe and effective precisely engineered crop and livestock products.
Grow your collaborator network, and join us in San Diego.

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