Specialty & Agro Chemicals America 2019

South Carolina,UnitedStates    Sep. 4, 2019-Sep. 5, 2019

South Carolina,UnitedStates

Sep. 4, 2019-Sep. 5, 2019


Charleston, South Carolina


Chemicals America, Inc.


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Aug. 30, 2019

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The mission and vision of our new Specialty & Agro Chemicals America event is to be a forum that NARROWS THE FOCUS and RENEWS THE VALUE for chemical industry participants.

1. FOCUS on Agrochemical and Specialty Chemical Markets
Specialty & Agro Chemicals America will focus on the chemical products and technologies that have specific applications for the agrochemical and specialty chemical manufacturing markets. “Specialty and Agro” covers a diverse range of chemical end-uses including:

Adhesives | Sealants | Resins
Agriculture | Crop Protection
Biofuels | Biodiesel
Coatings | Paints
Cosmetics | Personal Care
Flavors | Fragrances
Food | Beverage
Mining | Mineral Processing
Oilfield | Fuels | Lubricants
Photographic | Film
Plastics | Composites
Polymers | Monomers
Pulp | Paper
Soaps | Detergents
Textiles | Dyes | Inks
Water Treatment

2. FOCUS on Suppliers with an American Base
The overall trend of U.S. chemical manufacturing shifting overseas is well documented. Recently though, amid quality and logistics concerns, the chemical industry is seeing a growing number of projects return to domestic suppliers. This "reshoring" trend is further strengthened by the advance of new applications that involve the higher-technology and higher-value end of the chemical market, the majority of which have always been supported by domestic suppliers. The mission of our new event is to showcase the distinctive value of the American chemical industry and ultimately help support this favorable domestic manufacturing shift. Our program will welcome global participants, while exclusively featuring exhibitors that offer significant manufacturing, service, or sales operations based within North America.

3. RENEW the Value Proposition for Attending Trade Shows
The new Specialty & Agro Chemicals America event is looking to “change the game” of how industry trade shows help connect suppliers and customers, by delivering a higher quality business networking opportunity at a significantly lower cost – two goals that have often become trade-offs, not complements, at other events and conferences:

— For suppliers to the agrochemical and specialty chemical markets: our informal company showcase presentation and tabletop exhibit format offers a focused and efficient way to promote each company’s distinctive capabilities, technologies, and core value, as compared to the more costly “big convention” format.
— For attendees (to include purchasing, sourcing, R&D, engineering, and process management personnel): Specialty & Agro Chemicals America will be a valuable research and networking forum that enables participants to remain current with the latest chemical manufacturing trends and the associated process technologies, equipment, and supply chain services that apply directly to their businesses.
The choice to hold our fourth Specialty & Agro Chemicals America event back in Charleston, South Carolina continues to support our event’s value proposition. Charleston is an accessible commute for the specialty chemical and agrochemical industry – within driving distance for many companies based in the southeastern US, and with direct flights available from 14 major international cities.
— On the South Carolina coast “Where American history lives”, Charleston offers the distinctive blend of a smaller yet first-class business setting. Deep roots of American history, Southern charm and hospitality, beautiful beaches and scenic water views – plus a thriving, cosmopolitan downtown featuring award-winning, affordable restaurants – all combine to make Charleston an ideal location to host Specialty & Agro Chemicals America.

4. RENEW Fundamental Business Values
Charleston’s deep roots in American history make the city an appropriate setting for our event to reflect and help advance the fundamental business values that underlie the success of many companies:

— Freedom of Enterprise – to pursue opportunities, exchange information, and share ideas
— Innovation – the entrepreneurial spirit that looks for better ways to do things
— Building Personal Relationships – both outside and, often more importantly, within our own companies

In our culture of advanced media technology and electronic communications, the vision for Specialty & Agro Chemicals America is rooted in the belief that these core values are still best cultivated in a traditional, face-to-face setting – where one handshake can have a greater impact than all the websites, e-mails, and video conferences put together. With these basic principles underlying our mission, the vision is that this show can help companies promote the chemical technologies, innovations, and process solutions that have made, and continue to make, America-based businesses competitive and profitable in an ever-changing global chemical marketplace.

Mark Your 2019 Calendars for September 4 – 5  Plan to Stay & Spend the Weekend!

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