The 4th Microbiome Movement – Agbiotech Summit

Raleigh, North Carolina,UnitedStates    Feb. 24, 2020-Feb. 26, 2020

Raleigh, North Carolina,UnitedStates

Feb. 24, 2020-Feb. 26, 2020


Hanson Wade

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Dec. 20, 2019

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The 4th Microbiome Movement – Agbiotech Summit returns to Raleigh, NC next February to unite the largest agbiological community of ag strategic companies, biotechs, solution providers and academics. This forum is dedicated to advancing plant-soil microbe discovery strategies into the next generation of commercially successful products with predictable modes of action, consistent performance and increased yield for crop agriculture.

Across three days of case-studies, discussion and debates:

Uncover pioneering discoveries on plant-soil microbiome functionality

·      Leverage big data platforms to deduce causality
·      Overcome formulation and fermentation challenges at scale
·      Apply digital agtech to maximize data outputs of greenhouse & field trials
·      Overcome regulatory hurdles to streamline your product development efforts
·      Raise capital to accelerate microbiome focused agbiological platforms
·      Forge strategic collaborations to drive the future of agbiological development

The fabric of sustainable crop agriculture must urgently be shaped today. Make sure that microbial-based products are part of that fabric by joining your peers to discover and translate agbiologicals for transformed grower yield, sustainability and commercial outcomes.

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