2020 Silicon Valley AgTech Conference

2020 Silicon Valley AgTech Conference

San Jose,UnitedStates    Apr. 9, 2020-Apr. 9, 2020

San Jose,UnitedStates

Apr. 9, 2020-Apr. 9, 2020


San Jose Convention Center


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2020 Silicon Valley AgTech Conference
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Mar. 27, 2020

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San Jose Convention Center, San Jose, CA April 9, 2020 

Theme: How technology improves agriculture

The 2020 Silicon Valley AgTech Conference is where technology meets agriculture. 

Technology in agriculture is bringing innovation back to the farm. The 2020 Silicon Valley AgTech Conference is in its second annual year as part of Internet of Things World (IoT). In the world of agriculture, it’s important to stay ahead of the technological curve. During the AgTech Conference, startups, investors, farmers, media partners, and more come together to showcase their newest ideas, their successes, and

Topics include: Precision Agriculture, Drones and Robotics, Vertical Farming, Investment Models, Supply Chain Management, Broadband Access, Artificial Intelligence, Controlled Environments, and more. 
During the Silicon Valley AgTech Conference, ideas will be exchanged about how to leverage agricultural applications, bring about new ideas and more with over 500+ attendees. The Silicon Valley AgTech Conference is a one-day event during the Internet of Things World, during the event, attendees have access to the larger event floor and networking with the rest of the IoT Universe. 

The Silicon Valley AgTech Conference is presented in a partnership with Informa Tech and Royse Law Firm. Passes begin at $250. 

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