2020 Ag Formulation & Application Technology Congress (FAT 2020)

2020 Ag Formulation & Application Technology Congress (FAT 2020)

Hangzhou, China,Global    Dec. 17, 2020-Dec. 18, 2020

Hangzhou, China,Global

Dec. 17, 2020-Dec. 18, 2020




Grace Yuan


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2020 Ag Formulation & Application Technology Congress (FAT 2020)
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Dec. 1, 2020

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Industry Upgrading    Global Service

- An insight into formulation market dynamics and trending
- Focusing on formulation development key issues and application practice
- Probe into overseas formulation market opportunities

In 2019, AgroPages introduced, for the first time, to China the Ag Formulation & Application Technology Congress (FAT), an international forum covering agrochemical formulation technology, application, marketing and regulation. The forum has attracted nearly 300 representatives from some 160 companies across more than 20 countries and regions.

To further promote the innovation and development of agrochemical formulation and application technology to be adapted to the new pesticide regulation and market change, to help transformation and upgrading of agrochemical enterprises, as well as to strengthen international exchanges, AgroPages is going to hold the 2nd Ag Formulation & Application Technology Congress (FAT 2020) in Hangzhou from December 17 to 18, 2020.

In the theme of Industry Upgrading and Global Service, in addition to continuation of discussions on research and production upgrading, this session of FAT will include a special topic on formulation market dynamics in some key markets. Some experts worldwide are invited to make extensive communications with participants in respect of latest law and regulation, latest market dynamics, latest cutting-edge technology and application practice in agrochemical formulation development in the new stage of industry development, so as to jointly promote clustered agrochemical formulation development.

At the same time, exhibition booth will be provided to manufacturers for a diversified and comprehensive exhibition of product and brand as well as offering chances of business exchanges.

key Topics

Formulation development trend

1. Chinese pesticide formulation policy and registration trending
    ICAMA, Chinese Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs
2. Global pesticide formulation (type and formula) registration transformation and Rotam’s overseas registration tactics
    Lu Jian, global supply and purchase director at Rotam CropScience
3. Formulation of Agrochemicals: Design Principles and Regional Differences
   Jim Bullock, CEO at iFormulate
4. Pesticide delivery technology dynamics and application case study
   Bernhard Grimmig, Head of Formulation Technology, Crop Science Division of Bayer

Formulation development key issues

5. Seed treatment innovation technologies and latest development dynamics
    Rob Pronk, Global Marketing Director at Incotec
    Emma Chen, technical service manager at Incotec

6. Oil Dispersion formulation Challenges and Solutions
   Shrikant Ahekar,Senior Agriculture Scientist  at Stepan
7. Considerations on Dry Flowable Formulation development, production issues and application
    Chen Fuyong, CEO at Zeta Biochem
8. Capsule Suspension formulation  production process and application technology
    Liu Runfeng, chief of research center at Pilarquim
9. R&D progress of plastic-free encapsulation technology for Microcapsule formulation
   Yang Leng, Leading Expert from Shanghai Pesticide Research Institute (SPRI)

Formulation development and application practice

10. Problems and Solutions in R&D, Production and Application of Multicomponent Combination Formulations
      Chou Jingyu, R&D Director at Shengyang Sinochem Agrochemicals R&D Co., Ltd.

11. Study and practicing of structure-activity relationship between tank-mix adjuvant and pesticide delivery efficiency
      Dr. James Qin, CTO and founder of SINVOCHEM
12. Performance comparison of agrochemical organosilicon synergist
     Song Chunyan, R&D manager at Zhejiang Runhe Material
13. Exploring pain points of agriculture, developing methodology for development and promotion of terminal product.
      Su Yue, overseas marketing director, Shandong Kesai Agrochemical
14. Analysis and practicing of building pesticide formulation plant in China
      Qi Wu, CEO at Nanjing Zhongnong

 Formulation market opportunities

- Brazil’s agrochemical formulation market status
   Ourofino – Brazil’s local agrochemical company
- Formulation application status and chances of cooperation in Central America
   Caribbean Chemicals & Agencies Ltd (CCA) in Trinidad and Tobago

- Pakistan’s agrochemical formulation production level

  Suncrop Group

Who will attend

-    Pesticide formulation manufacturers and distributors;
-    Pesticide adjuvant manufacturers and distributors;
-    Pesticide formulation and adjuvant R&D institutions;
-    Pesticide formulation and adjuvant processing and equipment enterprises;
-    Pesticide spraying equipment suppliers, drone manufacturers and UAV plant Protection service organizations, etc.
-    Consulting companies;
-    CROs.

How to attend

- Visitors are welcome to deliver a speech;
- Book a booth to conduct in-depth conversations with potential partners;
- Sponsor the summit to raise your brand awareness.

Registration fee

- Registration fee is USD 450/person, and early bird registration fee is USD 398/person (Before Nov. 25th, 2020)
(The fee includes conference, catering and materials fees).

Congress language

- English and Chinese

Contact person:

Grace Yuan | AGROPAGES
Email: agropages@vip.163.com; grace@agropages.com
Tel:+86 15505713266
Wechat: nanagrace2014; 86 15505713266

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