BioEx 2022 Asia Summit - Biopesticides, Biostimulants and Novel Fertilizers

BioEx 2022 Asia Summit - Biopesticides, Biostimulants and Novel Fertilizers

Hangzhou, China,Asia    Feb. 24, 2022-Feb. 25, 2022

Hangzhou, China,Asia

Feb. 24, 2022-Feb. 25, 2022




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BioEx 2022 Asia Summit - Biopesticides, Biostimulants and Novel Fertilizers
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Nov. 29, 2021

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AgroPages BioEx is a business communication platform for the global biopesticides, biostimulants and novel fertilizer industry, which pools and attracts specialists, policymakers, companies and distributors together. 

Since successfully hosting the first edition in 2018, BioEx, with its global vision, closely follows and propagates advanced news and industry trends. It also facilitates deep business contact between famous biologicals brands and Chinese distribution channels. It has so far attracted more than 300 global companies to be here.

In 2022, a BioEx conference will focus on Asia Market, deeply investigating market opportunities and their potential. It will draw a picture and analyze the changes in the biologicals market in China, which is a country with an entire supply chain and huge agri production foundation. Asia market has a similarly produced crop, and BioEx Asia Summit will discuss more potentials in South East Asia markets to provide business connection support for Agbio companies who are entering or preparing to enter this market.

The big background "carbon peak and neutrality" provides biologicals development a huge space and points out a new issue on how traditional agrichemicals manufacturers will optimize the energy mix. This is the exact issue 2022 BioEx Asia Summit will discuss: how to plan and achieve sustainability from product mix, energy mix or carbon footprint aspects.

There are biopesticides, biostimulants and novel fertilizer companies worldwide with their good products, new technologies and new applications at this summit. Moreover, the organizers will invite distributors who will assess those products from market potential and other points of view. Meanwhile, distributors will share their bio solutions applied in different crops during field practices.



Hosted by: AgroPages


February 24-25th2022

Hangzhou, China


Summit Topic

Policy & Regulator and Trend Perception

Biopesticides' place and opportunities see from the changes of the global chemical pesticides policies & regulations

Biostimulants 3 main categories: varying from characteeristics, their future application and technology (humic acid, seaweed, amino acid)

Interpret of "Agriculture Green Development Plan" and how biological companies can do to concentrate?

Biopesticides and biostimulants in Southeast Asia: related policies changes and market opportunities


Hot products and trends under "Carbon peak and neutrality"

The design of optimizing the energy mix of Synthetic fertilizers company

Enzyme technology drives the industrialization of green biosynthetic,  biologicals cost optimization and emission reduction

Managing N2O emission in soil, the application and market potential of N-fixation crops and novel azotobacter in US and Latin America

Synergistic uses of biopesticide /biostimulant and chemistry Technologies

To arrange and enter agri carbon trading, how exactly crop producers can plan on carbon footprint?


Product and technology release platform

Organic copperSulphur products, Enzyme fungicides, AdjutantBionematicide, Polypeptides, Trichoderma, pesticides spray via pollination etc.

Expert Reviews including industry expertises and top class distributors from China, Philippine, Vietnam and Middle East.


Company development strategy

The thoughts and inspirations from the market layout of multinational companies' biological sector

The development and thought of biostimulants companies

The development and thought of Chinese biopesticides companies

The oversea bio market analysis from agrochemical trader and their demand for new profit points

Biological solutions

Biological solutions for producing tropical crops in South-East Asia

Prevention and control practice on Asia rice

Biological solutions for other crops 

Solve soil hardening

Biologicals application in organic farming


Round-table forum

Facing various application situation, the experience of second positioning of biostimulants in China market

Registration fee

The registration fee for visitors paid before 1st Feb, 2022 is USD 398/person, afterwards, the price will be USD 430/person.

(The fee includes conference, catering, materials, simultaneous interpretation fees).

How to attend

- Visitors are welcome to deliver a speech about local market or distribution channel construction;
- Book a booth to conduct in-depth conversations with leading distributors;

- Sponsor the summit to raise your brand awareness.

Who will attend   
- Leading biopesticide, biostimulant and novel fertilizer manufacturers from around the world;
- Leading Chinese and SE Asian distributors and large-scale growers;
- Consulting companies from different countries;
- CROs.

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