23rd China International Agrochemical & Crop Protection Exhibition

Shanghai,China    May. 23, 2023-May. 25, 2023


May. 23, 2023-May. 25, 2023


National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai)


CCPIT Sub-council of Chemical Industry (CCPIT CHEM)


Maggie Ma


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Since first launched in 1999, CAC has experienced over 20 years' development, become world largest agrochemical exhibition and an UFI approved International event since 2012. 23rd China International Agrochemical and Crop Protection Equipment Exhibition and related activities will be postponed to be held on 23-25 May, 2023 in National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai). Driven by the innovated dual platforms of online and offline, CAC2023 will create world exchange and cooperation platform linking upstream and downstream and connecting the whole industrial chain of planting inputs at home and abroad.

CAC2021 attracted  1,507 enterprises from 18 countries participated in the exhibition, including Australia, Brazil, Germany, India, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Poland, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Switzerland, Thailand, UAE, UK, USA, and so on. A total of 722 pesticide enterprises exhibited their products, where nearly 80% of China's top 100 pesticide enterprises and leading enterprises were gathered for centralized display; 463 well-known fertilizer enterprises exhibited in the fertilizer area to show their strength after the outbreak, and many benchmarking enterprises of fertilizer industry displayed their products with full preparation and sincerity; 278 leading enterprises of agrochemical equipments and plant protection equipments demonstrated the concepts in world's cuttingedge technology, equipment in advanced production, efficient agrochemical product application and intelligent manufacturing, and solutions in comprehensive production; The scale for seed, irrigation and agricultural aviation was further expanded. Nearly 30 seed enterprises as leading role and nearly 20 enterprises working on irrigation and intelligent agricultural solution participated in the exhibition, showing the style of modern agriculture. The fields covered by the exhibition created an exchange and cooperation platform linking upstream and downstream and connecting the whole industrial chain of planting inputs at home and abroad, including pesticides, fertilizers, seeds,beyond-agricultural pesticides, production and packaging equipment, plant protection equipment, agricultural aviation, irrigation greenhouse, logistics, consultation, laboratory and supporting services.

Exhibit Profile

  • Chemical Pesticides
    products of insecticide, fungicide, herbicide, intermediates; biological pesticide technology, ecologicalchemical pesticide; pesticide production & processing technology

  • Chemical Fertilizer
    nitrogen fertilizer, phosphate fertilizer, potash fertilizer, compound fertilizer; new specialized fertilizers like seaweed fertilizer; biological fertilizer

  •  Crop-protection and Agrochemical Bio-engineering Technology
    plant growing regulator; transgenic product and other agricultural bio-engineering technology

  •  Agrochemical Machinery and Horticultural Specialized Machine and Equipment
    equipment for agrochemical products, spraying machine, agricultural plastic, farming machine; horticultural grass mown, sprinkler machine, irrigating equipment and the relative package equipment

  •  Agricultural Plastic
    shed film, farmland film, shading net, anti-insect net, modern agricultural covering stuff; seed nursery,container, plastic water saving irrigating equipment

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