India International Crop Protection Expo (IICP-Expo)

Hyderabad,India    Sep. 7, 2023-Sep. 8, 2023


Sep. 7, 2023-Sep. 8, 2023




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Looking for India’s Biggest Crop Protection Expo & Trade Fair?

Look no further than IICP-Expo in Hyderabad, India!

India International Crop Protection Expo – IICP-Expo is first edition of Agri Inputs Exhibition from RAY Consulting.

RAY Consulting successfully conducts ABSA – Agri Business Summit & Awards, which attracts participants from across the globe. IICP Expo will be a grand Crop protection Expo. Crop Protection includes not only protecting the crop from pests & diseases but challenges like biotic & abiotic stress, climate change, nutritional requirements and all the other challenges.

Besides the traditional crop protection solutions of various pesticides comprising of insecticides, herbicides, fungicides, rodenticides and other agro chemicals, the EXPO will show case the alternative solutions through organic and biological means of crop growth.

Expo will have participants from the Manufacturers and suppliers of raw material, intermediates.

IICO Expo will have pavilions for government institutions, research & Development companies, accredited laboratories for data generation, digitization, startups, seeds, equipment manufacturers, bankers, financial institutions, consultants and everything agriculture needs to be required.

In one-way IICP Expo is going to be a as one stop destination for all those stake holders in Agri Industry.

The delegates who are attending the Expo will have online meeting access for them to coordinate the meetings well in advance.

IICP Expo expects participation from various countries like – Australia, Brazil, Belgium, Bangladesh, China, Europe, Germany, Indonesia, Korea, Italy, Netherlands, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, U.S.A., United Arab Emirates (UAE), Vietnam and Home country India.

IICP- EXPO will offer a much-needed support of networking to meet, greet and exchange business.

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