Global Agriculture Sustainability Summit 2015

Global Agriculture Sustainability Summit 2015

Shanghai,China    Apr. 8, 2015-Apr. 9, 2015


Apr. 8, 2015-Apr. 9, 2015


Crowne Plaza Century Park Hotel


Copex Global


Sam Lee


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Global Agriculture Sustainability Summit 2015
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Nov. 6, 2014

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China has been facing an increasing pressure of population growth.Meanwhile the natural resources such as the arable land, soil problem, water risk have only aggravated the crisis all the more. Besides, the increasing cases of farm products supply issues have touched the public nerves, and thus a solution of transparent supply chain and narrow inspection are promoted among the industry to guarantee food safety. In the new century, various bio-tech are widely used in many fields in agriculture. Scientific trials and achievements are inspiring while it may also bring along unexpected outcomes when abusive and if we neglect that agriculture is a big system including numerous subsystems connected by food chain. China now is taking a path to modern agriculture and achieve sustainability.
Agriculture sustainability proposes to develop a sustainable agri-system that is built on reasonable means to use and protect natural resources by technique and mechanism reform and innovation. Guided by the main fundamental principles that it can guarantee food safety, enrich the rural by improving employment and raising incomes, and preserve natural resource and protect environment, it is expected to meet the demand from the contemporary and future generations on agriculture products. Our summit 2015 will gather a group of senior government officials, prominent industry leaders, and agricultural experts to share their insights and offer suggestions to the issues facing china agriculture sustainability.


◎ The Overall Planning on Agro-environment Problems Governance
◎ The Severest Standards for Pesticide Residues & Risk The Severest Standards for Pesticide Residues & Risk
◎ Correct Scientific Use of Pesticides Secures Product Safety and Environment Protection
◎ War on Pollution: Implications for Agriculture and Food Security
◎ Global Sustainable & Responsible Agri-procducts Sourcing Solutions : Challenges for Agrichemicals
◎ Innovation on Pesticide Formulation Contributes to Agriculture Sustainability
◎ Agrichemicals & Environmental Pollution and R&D on Low Toxicity Pesticides with Efficiency
◎ Innovations on Crops Protection Lead Tremendous Profit Growth & Environment Benefits
◎ Environmentally Friendly Fertilizer Contributes to Agriculture Sustainability: Improving Planting Efficiency and Agri-products Productivity & Quality
◎ Smart Drip & Micro-Irrigation Contributes to More Growth with Less Input and Environment Sustainability
◎ Food and Agriculture Business Principles, Strategies on Environment and Food Security
◎ Global Environmentally Sustainable Fertilizer Development & Application  
◎ Sustainable Biological Solutions Drive Agriculture Sustainability
◎ A Case Study of Coca-Cola ’s CSR Input in Agriculture
◎ Agri-products Supply Chain Management & Vendor Compliance
◎ Operational Excellence in Sourcing Agriculture Materials: Challenges & Sustainability  
◎ Internet of Things Technologies Used in Agriculture to Improve Scientificity & Efficiency in Production
◎ Being Traceable & Sustainable, Create Agri-foods Safety from Farm-to-Table
Sub-Industry Involved
Agrochemical Agricultural
Machinery Fertilizer
Waste Water Treatment
Soilless Cultivation
Seed Company
Cold Chain
Food & Beverage
Testing Lab
Supermarket and Retailer
Who Should Attend
Managing DIrector
Director for R&D
Director for Compliance
Director for Sustainability /EHS/ CSR
Director for Products Quality & Safety
Director for Business Development
International Sales Manager
Area Director/manager
Commnnication Director
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