2018 China Pesticide Exporting Workshop (CPEW)

Zhejiang,China    Jul. 4, 2018-Jul. 6, 2018


Jul. 4, 2018-Jul. 6, 2018


Deefly Lakeview Hotel Hang Zhou
2 Huancheng Xi Road Hangzhou, China




Mickey Shan


+86 18705817985



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  • The price and supply trends of China’s pesticide (Cn)

    2018-07-10     Pages:31     Language: Chinese

  • Practices analysis in EU's pesticide registration

    2018-07-10     Pages:30     Language: English

  • Reimagining the Brazilian Agriculture

    2018-07-10     Pages:48     Language: English

  • The complexity of managing different markets

    2018-07-10     Pages:38     Language: English

  • The global strategic procurement of Nufarm

    2018-07-10     Pages:19     Language: English

  • Exporting pesticide products to the EU: how to get authorization

    2018-07-10     Pages:31     Language: English

  • Introduction of India's agrochemical market and the opportunity of cooperation with the Chinese industry

    2018-07-10     Pages:33     Language: English

  • Opportunities and Challenges of Entering the Agrochemical Market in the Caribbean

    2018-07-10     Pages:40     Language: English

  • Evolution of Agricultural R&D trends in last and next 15 Years

    2018-07-10     Pages:16     Language: English

  • UPL’s procurement strategy in China

    2018-07-10     Pages:22     Language: English

  • ADAMA’s procurement strategy in China

    2018-07-10     Pages:17     Language: English

  • How to successfully market new products developed by Japenese Company in EU

    2018-07-10     Pages:30     Language: English

  • Discussion of Technical Equivalence Assessment in EU and Brazil

    2018-07-10     Pages:15     Language: 中、英文

  • Sharing of Indonesia Market Development Experience

    2018-07-10     Pages:23     Language: English

  • From Brazil to the World: Data System and Registration Coordination in the Planning of Core Product Registration in Brazi

    2018-07-10     Pages:44     Language: English