2018 China Pesticide Exporting Workshop (CPEW)

Zhejiang,China    Jul. 4, 2018-Jul. 6, 2018


Jul. 4, 2018-Jul. 6, 2018


Deefly Lakeview Hotel Hang Zhou
2 Huancheng Xi Road Hangzhou, China




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China is a major pesticide producer and exporter. In recent years, China's agrochemical industry has undergone a structural reform in the background of stringent environmental protection policies and massive company consolidation. It resulted in the short supply and a surge of price of agrochemicals in China.  

In the meantime, more Chinese agrochemical enterprises have set foot in the end market. They provide a wider range of product portfolio and even technical services, to better serve the local farmers together with importers and distributors from other countries. 

AgroPages holds a pesticide export workshop annually to discuss with leading Chinese exporters about the changes and opportunities in the pesticide exportation market. The meeting welcomes overseas audiences. Our aim is to bring together overseas importers and distributors, top Chinese entrepreneurs, registration specialists, and marketing managers etc. to find potential opportunities for partnerships. 

At last year's workshop, we invited not only officials from ICAMA to introduce the latest export regulations, but also the German consulting company Konell, Ukraine market research company APK, agrochemical company Rotam, Willowood from India, AMVAC from the U.S. to share their insights and experiences. The workshop attracted over 300 attendees from leading Chinese agrochemical exporting companies, including their directors, general managers, market managers, registration specialists etc. 

This year, 2018 China Pesticide Exporting Workshop will take place on 4-6 July 2018 in Deefly Lakeview Hotel Hang Zhou (2 Huancheng Xi Road Hangzhou. Tel: +86 571-87078888), China.


             Agenda of 2018 CPEW

July 5th A.M.

Opening Ceremony

Welcome speech by   Wang Wei, President of Association of Pesticide Industry, Zhejiang Province

Welcome speech by   representative from Hailir Pesticides and Chemicals Group

8:30 –   9:00


1.       Analysis of 2017/2018 China's pesticide   import and export data and the overall trading situation


9:00 –   9:45


Institute for the Control of Agrochemicals,   Ministry of Agriculture, China

2.       The impact of China's environmental   protection policies and environmental taxes on the agrochemical industry

9:45 –   10:30


Ministry of Ecology and Evironment, China 

Tea Break

3.       The price and supply trends of China’s   pesticide

10:45   – 11:30


Li Mingguang, Deputy General Manager,   Sino-Agri Leading Biosciences Co,.Ltd.

4.  Practices analysis in EU's pesticide   registration

11:30 –   12:00


He Xiaohua, General manager of China,Dr. Knoell Consult

July 5th P.M.


5.       Reimagining the Brazilian Agriculture


1:30 –   2:15


Luciano Galera, Head of marketing and   R&D, Ourofino

6.       The complexity of managing different markets

2:15 –   3:00


Nick Read, Executive manager, Helm

Tea Break

7.       The global strategic procurement of Nufarm

3:15 –   4:00


David Bury, Global Strategic Procurement   Manager, Nufarm

8.       Exporting pesticide products to the EU: how   to get authorization

4:00 – 4:30


Adrian Tucker, Chief Scientist, Exponent   Shanghai

9.       Agrifor Scientific helping Chinese   Agricultural companies to reach the world

4:30 –   5:00


Jana Skopec, CEO, AgriFor Scientific

July 6th A.M.


10.   Introduction of India's agrochemical market   and the opportunity of cooperation with the Chinese industry


8:00 –   8:45


C S Liew, General manager, Pacific Agriscience

11.   Opportunities and Challenges of Entering the   Agrochemical Market in the Caribbean

8:45 –   9:30


Joe   Pires, Managing Director, Caribbean Chemicals   & Agencies

12. Evolution of Agricultural R&D trends in   last and next 15 Years

9:30 – 10:00


Dr. KhosroKhodayari, President and CEO,   SynTech Research


Tea Break

13. UPL’s procurement strategy in China

10:15   – 1100


Ravikiran R. Chaudhari, Head of China purchasing, UPL

14. ADAMA’s procurement strategy in China

11:00 –   11:45


Wang Guofei, ADAMA




July 6th P.M.


15. How to successfully market new products   developed by Japenese Company in EU


1:30 –   2:15


Jean-Guillaume Delpierre, Head of 3rd Party   Certis Europe/ Head of Off Patent Business Mitsui, Certis Europe

16. Discussion of Technical Equivalence Assessment in EU and Brazil

2:15 –   3:00


Wu Kang, Senior consultant, SinoUnison   Technology

17. Sharing of Indonesia Market Development   Experience

3:00 –   3:45


David Manurung, National commercial manager, Rotam Indonesia

18. From Brazil to the World: Data System and Registration Coordination in the Planning of Core Product Registration in Brazi

3:45 –   4:15


Kathy Zhu, Bioagri



Pre-warming meeting


To better assist overseas buyers in connecting with Chinese suppliers, AgroPages plans to hold a pre-warming meeting before the CPEW officially opens.  The pre-warming is on the evening of July 4th, and we will invite all the overseas attendees and selected Chinese suppliers.  In this pre-warming meeting, each overseas attendee will also get an opportunity to give a brief speech (about 10 min) about their company and their needs. The aim is to achieve better business cooperation and seek supply support from these Chinese companies.


Free sightseeing opportunities


After the workshop, all overseas participants will be invited to a half-day tour organized by AgroPages. We will lead the participants to appreciate the charm of West Lake in Hangzhou, which is extremely famous in the world, and also to feel the mysterious, ancient oriental culture.


We sincerely invite you to participate in this workshop and seize the opportunity to partner with leading Chinese agrochemical companies. See you in Hangzhou!


How to attend:


    • The registration fee is USD 398/person (USD 350/person before May. 11)

    • You are welcome to give a speech at the workshop, and also

    • Sponsor the workshop

Who should attend:

  • Importers and distributors

  • Agrochemical consulting companies from different countries

  • Procurement managers in multinational corporations

  • CROs

The event is now open for sponsorship.

Platinum Sponsorship:USD 6,000 (sold out)

1. Present a presentation around 30 minutes

2. Present the sponsor's company name in the relevant publicity materials. 

3. Present the sponsor's company name at the conference site; Hang a horizontal banner on site for the sponsor;

4. Four free passes to attend the conference (transportation and accommodation excluded);

5. Priority to sponsor the next conference;


Gold Sponsorship: USD 4,500 

1. Present a presentation around 30 minutes

2. Present the sponsor's company name in the relevant publicity materials.

3. Present the sponsor's company name at the conference site; Hang a horizontal banner on site for the sponsor;

4.Two free passes to attend the conference (transportation and accommodation excluded);


Silver Sponsorship: USD 3,000 

1. Present the sponsor's company name in the relevant publicity materials.

2. Present the sponsor's company name at the conference site; Hang a horizontal banner on site for the sponsor;

3.Two free passes to attend the conference (transportation and accommodation excluded);


See last year's workshop: 2017 China Pesticide Formulation Export Workshop:

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    Pacific Agriscience Pte., Ltd.

    C S Liew, Managing Director of Pacific Agriscience Pte Ltd, based in Singapore, has more than 40 years of international experience in the agricultural chemical industry. He has worked for American Cyanamid, Ciba-Geigy, Uniroyal and Nufarm before forming his own company 20 years ago. Pacific Agriscience is focusing on M&A project consultation. He can be reached at cs@pacificagriscience.com.

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  • Luciano Galera

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