3rd Ag Formulation & Application Technology Congress (FAT 2022)

Hangzhou,Global    Nov. 17, 2022-Nov. 18, 2022


Nov. 17, 2022-Nov. 18, 2022




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The world today is a complex and changeable world, where new technologies are constantly emerging while the agricultural inputs industry will usher in great changes. The risk of new AIs research is growing; regulatory requirement is stricter; the problem of resistance of diseases, pests and weeds has become increasing severe; people’s concerns over quality and safety of agricultural products are increasing; and the pressure on the innovative and transformative development of agrochemical enterprises is increasing. To this end, while focusing on development of AIs, agrochemical enterprises have started to pay more attention to formulation and premium formulations with proprietary brand. Premium formulations are not only an important direction which guides the research and development of new agrochemicals, but are also a strategy of development to respond to the rising competition worldwide. In the foreseeable future, premium formulations are expected to lead the way of innovation of mainstream products and will bring about revolutionary changes in formulation.

To promote an innovative development of the agrochemical formulation industry chain worldwide and to facilitate academic exchange and technical cooperation, the 3rd Ag Formulation & Application Technology Congress (FAT2022), as hosted by AgroPages, is scheduled to take place in Hangzhou of China from 17 – 18 Nov., 2022.

The theme of the FAT 2022 session is “technology advancing and value reshaping,” focusing on the “pain points” and “difficulties” existing in the agrochemical formulation industry chain. Discussions will be held on industry policies, market dynamics, formulation design strategies, innovative technologies and products, production process engineering, product application practices and market opportunities as well as the impacts of price fluctuations of terminal formulations on the upstream and downstream industry chain. Discussions will also over the future development trend of the formulation industry, which will guide and promote upgrading and innovation of the formulation industry chain to enable the sustainable development of global agriculture.

Key Topics for Discussion:

Industry Trend

 Ÿ Global mainstream type of formulations, innovative formulations & application technology

  Jim Bullock, Director and Co-founder at iFormulate Limited, UK


Ÿ   Prohibition and restriction of pesticides worldwide, re-evaluation tendency, cautions and risks for reference to Chinese pesticide formulation registration



Ÿ   New development trend of Chinese formulation industry and the impact from China’s 14th Five-Year Plan on the development and production of pesticide formulations

  Chou Jingyu, VP of Shenyang Sinochem Agrochemicals R&D Co., Ltd


Ÿ   Re-innovation of crop protection technology: Using mixtures and formulations to renew post-patent products

  Cao Lidong, Researcher of the Institute of Plant Protection, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences


Ÿ   China's crop protection development trend for UAV application, technical challenges and counter measures

   Wu Xuemin, Professor of China Agriculture University


New Formulation and New Technology& Application

Scenario-based solutions

Ÿ   Rice herbicide ultra-low volume drip application incorporated with digital transformation and strategy

   Yoshitaka Sato, Head of Formulation Technology of Bayer CropScience 


Ÿ   Scenario-based precision pesticide development and application strategy

   Shi Weishan, Senior Engineer of Jiangsu Aijin Crop Science and Technology Group


Ÿ   Application of Sustaine® Encapsulation Technology in the Formulation Development & Case studies
  Chuen-Jiuan Huang, PhD,Formulation Leader at Eden Research Plc

Ÿ   Scenario-based microencapsulation product development & application

  Liu Runfeng, Director of R & D Center of Pilarguim


Ÿ   Analysis of major formulations & bioassay in Brazil and considerations for Chinese formulators

  Wu Kang, Technical Director of Hills Consulting


Ÿ   Key considerations of formulation development in Mexico, innovative technologies and future trend

  Mr. Irvin Ruiz,Formulations Manager at Dragon

  Ms. Beatriz Damm, Director of Technological Development at Dragon


Innovative Adjuvant

Ÿ   Study and application practices on efficacy and application of glufosinate-oriented high-performance synergist& Research and application of natural high-effective adjuvant for drone application

  Chen Shyan Wong, Agrichemical Scientist, Stepan Company, Singapore

Ÿ   Solutions to improvement to the performance of SC formulation & case studies

  Qi WangTechnical Director of Agricultural Solutions of Ingevity


Ÿ   Low VOC solution in pesticides formulation to comply regulation criteria

   Hu Shenghao, Asia Pacific Senior Technical Manager of BASF Advanced Chemicals


Ÿ   Development strategy of premium formulations for the US market & case studies for the US market

  Marcio Navega, North America Marketing Manager | Agriculture & Food Performance Formulations of Nouryon


Seed Treatment

Ÿ   Exilva by Borregaard: A biobased rheology additive and film former for advanced agricultural formulations and seed coatings

  Rebecca BlellTechnical Applications Manager for Exilva in Agri at Borregaard

Ÿ   Microemulsions and biologicals for seed treatment – application challenges & solutions

  Charlie Flood, Formulation Manager of UPL


Biological Synergy

Ÿ  How to optimize the performance of biologicals AND the combination product of biological with chemical pesticide through formulation innovation and design?"

  Carlos Oliveira, Lead Researcher, Brazil

  Edisa García Hernández, Research Scientist, Netherlands

  John Kuhn, Application Scientist, US


Ÿ   Intervening mechanism of the functional peptide TBIOPY91 on crop growth to improve the performance of pesticide formulations

  Tong Leiting, Industrial Product Director of TBIO


Nanotechnology Solutions

Ÿ Nanotechnology in Agriculture: Opportunities, Risks, and Working Examples for Delivery of Synthetic & Bio-Based Active Ingredients

  Darren Anderson, CEO & Co-founder of Vive Crop Protection


Ÿ Preliminary study on preparation of nano-pesticide formulations based on solubilization technology using functional polymers as a carrier

  Dr. James Qin, CTO and Founder of SINVOCHEM


Production & Manufacture


Ÿ Grinding and dispersing machine selection and process optimization in suspension processing

  Tan Haibo, Agrochemical Manager of Netzsch (Shanghai)


Ÿ   Mainstream formulation development, automation and intelligent production practices

  Chen Fuyong, General Manager of Shanghai Dongfeng Pesticide Factory Co., Ltd


Stepan, Ingevity, BASF, NETZSCH (Shanghai), Bruker,AMVAC, TBIO,Runhe

Who should attend

- Formulation|Adjuvant manufacturers and distributors
- Formulation processing equipment enterprises
- Formulation testing/analytical instrumentation companies
- Biological manufacturers and distributors
- Pesticide spraying equipment suppliers, drone manufacturers and UAV plant protection service organizations, etc.
- R&D institutions

How to attend

- Showcase your solutions by delivering a speech;
- Book a booth to conduct in-depth conversations with potential partners;
- Sponsor the summit to raise your brand awareness.


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