2023 China Pesticide Industry Chain Forum • Fluorinated novel pesticide

Shanghai,China,China    May. 19, 2023-May. 20, 2023


May. 19, 2023-May. 20, 2023


Wyndham Shanghai Hongqiao
1989 Huaxiang Road Minhang District, Shanghai, China



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Exclusive Title Sponsor: Sinochem Lantian

Time: 19-20, May, 2023 (18 May registration day)

Location: 1989 Huaxiang Road Minhang District, Shanghai, China 


Over the last 10 years, fluorine-containing pesticides have become one of the key directions of development of pesticides worldwide, on account of its high activity, low toxicity, environment friendliness, promising future and high added value. With the growth of fluorinated pesticide industry, synthetic raw materials which are intermediates of fluorine-containing pesticides are gradually emerging with great growth potentials, having become a key direction of research and development among various research institutes and enterprises. To this end, the fluorinated intermediate industry chain has become increasingly a key factor affecting the supply chain and the cost stability of the downstream fluorinated pesticide industry.

AgroPages organizes the 2023 China Pesticide Industry Chain Forum for the first time, which focusing on discussion of production and synthesis technology, patent, and the downstream market pertaining to fluorinated novel pesticides and intermediates. The forum aims to bring together the upstream and downstream industrial chain to form a competitive advantage and to discuss China’s new fluorine-containing pesticide industry pattern between the upstream and downstream industry players

Subjects of Discussion


Development of fluorine-containing pesticide market


l  Development history and latest technical progress of Chinese fluorination industry

Professor Luo Changping

-       A well-known scientist in Chinese fluorination industry and a national research program  leader


l  Development history and latest progress of fluorinated pesticides

Professor Liu Changling

-       Senior Expert of Sinochem Group


l  Fluorinated aliphatic pesticide industry layout

Liu Chuang

-       Director of Specialty Product Division of Sinochem Lantian


l  Chinese paddy herbicide creation progress

Wang Xianquan

-       Board Chairman of Shandong Cynda

l  Chinese paddy herbicide creation progress

Hu Yi

-       CEO of AgroPages

l  Analysis of the growth path of SDHI new pesticides of multinational companies

Wang Peng

-       SDHI Fungicide Line Asset Management of Bayer Crop Science


l  Analysis of key points for registration of created compounds under China's new registration policy

Guo Jinping

-       Senior technical expert of REACH24H


Difficulties in synthesis of fluorine-containing pesticides

l  Latest research progress in difluoromethylation reaction

Shen Qilong

-       Researcher from Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences


l  The fluoridation strategies of three agrochemical categories: PPO inhibitor, pyridinecarboxylic acid and SDHI

Dr. Jiang Qibai

-       General Manager of Jiangsu Pharmaguide Co., Ltd


l  Nitrification-diazotation (nitrosulfamide technique) - continuous fluorine reaction-related key points and difficulty analysis

Ma Junhai

-       Senior Engineer, Business Director of Corning

Analysis of fluorine-containing novel pesticide patents


l  Cyproflanilide development history and enlightenment

Lv Liang

-       Director of the Innovation Center of Nantong CAC International


l  Cyetpyrafen creation and development

Dr. Yu Haibo

-       Deputy General Manager of Shenyang Sinochem Agrochemicals R&D Co., Ltd


l  Analysis of fluxapyroxad and bixafen patents

Cai Zhiyong

-       Director of Intellectual Property Office of China Chemical Information Center


l  Analysis of flonicamid patent and its industrialization

Yang Binglian

-       Deputy Director of Technical Center, Nantong CAC International


l  Development of protection system for created compounds

Tao Min

-       Director of Agricultural Division of China Chemical Information Center


In the meantime, the issue of industrialization of the downstream trifluorinated pesticide varieties in China will be discussed at the forum, covering patent of synthetic process, global registration and industrial chain collaboration, in a purpose to help interested pesticide and intermediate manufacturers to make business layout as early as possible.


Forum attendees

Upstream and downstream fluorinated chemical intermediates manufacturers as well as equipment suppliers;

Fluorinated aliphatic pesticide manufacturers;

Relevant pesticide manufacturers.

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Single entrance fee: $500/person

Group entrance (three or more person) fee: $430/person



Erwin Xue


E-mail: erwin@agropages.com / agropages@vip.163.com

Mickey Shan


E-mail: mickey@agropages.com / agropages@vip.163.com

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