2023 China Pesticide Industry Chain Forum • Fluorinated novel pesticide

Shanghai,China,China    May. 19, 2023-May. 20, 2023


May. 19, 2023-May. 20, 2023


Wyndham Shanghai Hongqiao
1989 Huaxiang Road Minhang District, Shanghai, China



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Yang Binglian

Yang Binglian Leave a message

Deputy Director of Technical Center

Nantong CAC International Chemical Co.,Ltd


Analysis of flonicamid patent and its industrialization

Professor Luo Changping

Professor Luo Changping Leave a message

Co-founder & Director; A well-known scientist in Chinese fluorination industry and a national resear

Vision Fluorochem (Nanjing) Ltd.


Development history and latest technical progress of Chinese fluorination industry

Charles Wang

Charles Wang Leave a message

Board Chairman

Shandong Cynda Chemical Co., Ltd.


Chinese paddy herbicide creation progress

Liu Chuang

Liu Chuang Leave a message

Director of Specialty Product Division

Sinochem Lantian Trading Co.,Ltd.


Fluorinated aliphatic pesticide industry layout

Shen Qilong

Shen Qilong Leave a message


Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry Chinese Academy of Sciences


Latest research progress in difluoromethylation reaction

Dr. Jiang Qibai

Dr. Jiang Qibai Leave a message

General Manager

Jiangsu Pharmaguide Co., Ltd


PPO 类、激素类及 SDHI 类农药化合物氟引入策略探讨

Dr. Yu Haibo

Dr. Yu Haibo Leave a message

Deputy General Manager

Shenyang Sinochem Agrochemicals R&D Co., Ltd


Cyetpyrafen creation and development

Lv Liang

Lv Liang Leave a message

Director of the Innovation Center

Nantong CAC International Chemical Co.,Ltd


Cyproflanilide development history and enlightenment

Yu Chunying

Yu Chunying Leave a message

Director of Pesticide Registration Projec

China National Chemical Information Center(CNCIC)


Interpretation and case study of new pesticide registration policy

Wang Peng

Wang Peng Leave a message

SDHI Fungicide Line Asset Management

Bayer CropScience China


Analysis of the growth path of SDHI new pesticides of multinational companies

Guo Jinping

Guo Jinping Leave a message

Senior technical expert

REACH24H Consulting Group


Analysis of key points for registration of created compounds under China's new registration policy

Cai Zhiyong

Cai Zhiyong Leave a message

Chief Engineer

China Knowledge Centre for Engineering Sciences and Technology


Analysis of fluxapyroxad and bixafen patents

Tao Min

Tao Min Leave a message

Director of Agricultural Division

China National Chemical Information Center(CNCIC)


Development of protection system for created compounds

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Product Development Manager

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Technical Manager

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Marketing Director

Guangzhou FTRT Chemical Co., Ltd

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Senior Agronomist & Director of Technology Extension

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