Aug. 16, 2022 - Aug. 17, 2022
Hangzhou, China

China Pesticide Exporting Workshop (CPEW) aims to create a professional platform for the information changing and resource sharing in the global pesticide industry. The conference invited experts from global industry to jointly discuss topics as development of China's pesticide industry, import and export trends, and opportunities and challenges in agricultural markets worldwide. At the same time, high-end business exchange activities were also held to promote the commercial cooperation between Chinese and foreign pesticide companies.

At present, the conference is held for three consecutive years, and opens for global registration. Its influence has increased year by year. A total of more than 250 pesticide production and trading companies from China, India and more than 100 global pesticide procurement/distribution companies have participated in the conference, covering more than 50 countries and regions worldwide.

BioEx is an annual summit and exhibition organized by AgroPages that brings together key players in the biopesticide, biostimulant and biofertilizer industries. Historically, it has attracted over 1500 attendees from more than 500 companies across over 40 countries. BioEx has grown into a premier platform for exchanging ideas, forging collaborations and introducing innovative solutions. With increasing participation and positive feedback year after year, BioEx promises to remain a cannot-miss event for those invested in the future of sustainable agriculture.


● A conference - for exchanging ideas and insights on market trends

● A platform - for releasing new products and technologies

● A party – for establishing business connections

We look forward to your contribution and the valuable insights you will bring to BioEx 2024. Your expertise and participation will enrich the discussions and collaborations that will shape the future of agricultural biologicals.

The problem of resistance of diseases, pests and weeds has become increasing severe, all governments worldwide are imposing stringent regulation on the use of agrochemical products, which leads to the exit of some common-used pesticides from market, whilst demand in the end market is changing dramatically. The series of challenging factors have driven the pesticide formulation manufacturers to switch to the "safety and efficiency" strategy to make innovation and upgrading, which are happening in all agrochemical industry chains.

In November 2019, AgroPages successfully brought the Ag Formulation & Application Technology Congress (FAT 2019), a high-end international congress, to China. The congress has covered pesticide formulation technology, application, marketing, law and regulations, having attracted presence of nearly 300 delegates from over 160 companies across 20 countries or regions. The congress has provided the participating formulation companies at home and abroad with new information, new concept and new thought with respect to formulation development and production. The congress is also a platform providing opportunities of exchange and cooperation.

In order to further promote the innovation and development of agrochemical formulation and application techniques, to adapt to the new pesticide policies and the changes in the end market, as well as to facilitate the transition and upgrading of agrochemical companies, AgroPages is going to hold the 2nd Ag Formulation & Application Technology Congress (FAT 2020) in Hangzhou, where industry experts at home and abroad are invited to have exchanges and discussions with participants with regard to the latest laws and regulations in the agrochemical formulation industry sector, market changes, new technologies, new products, new theory, new challenges and new opportunities etc. The goal is to work jointly to promote the agrochemical formulation to a higher level and higher quality of development. Meanwhile, the congress serves to help agrochemical companies at home and abroad to strengthen cooperation to make achievement on a win-win basis.

The congress-related booths will be set up in parallel with the congress to provide a diversified and all-round product and brand display, which will be also a platform for business discussions among companies.