Aug. 16, 2022-Aug. 17, 2022

2022 Call for paper
In 2021, the rapid development pace of China’s pesticide industry has disrupted by policy restrictions. Domestic production and supply tightened, product prices hit historical high. Chinese supply has impacted many end markets overseas, and international procurement is shrouded in uncertainty. Entering 2022, the price trend of products is still unclear. On the whole, the global competitiveness of Chinas pesticide industry is constantly strengthening, and a new modern pesticide production system is being formed.Overseas, with the acceleration of global economic changes, agricultural markets in...
2021 Call for paper
2021 China Pesticide Exporting Workshop (CPEW) has been successfully held in Hangzhou, China from 28-29, Sep (event report). NowVirtual Participationisopening for access.27 industry experts from China and global discussed and exchanged views on the current hot topics of the pesticide industry, include:China pesticide export regulation updates and latest data analysis of 2021H1The impact of China’s new policy “carbon peak and neutrality” and “dual control of total energy consumption and intensity” will have on agrochemical industryThe market future (market share, price, supply) of burndown...
2020 Call for paper
Facing challenges, turning crisis into opportunity27-28, Aug Hangzhou, ChinaTitile Sponsor:Qilu Pharmaceutical (Inner Mongolia) Co., Ltd.In 2019, Chinas pesticide industry has also continued to accelerate, with frequent merger and acquisition cases, and more pesticide varieties began to be concentrated in the hands of fewer manufacturers.Going into 2020, the mankind has encountered a major crisis of COVID-19. The industry ecology of all industries has been hit by this. The international trade of pesticides has also been blocked, while the demand is still strong. At the same time, at the pol...

AM, 4 July

Opening Ceremony

Welcome speech by Wang Wei, President of Association of Pesticide Industry, Zhejiang Province

Welcome speech by representative from Hebei Lansen Biotech Co., Ltd.

8:30 – 9:00

Analysis of the latest China's pesticide import and export data and the future trend

Institute for the Control of Agrochemicals, Ministry of Agriculture, China

9:00 – 9:40

The development status of Indian pesticide industry and discussion on Sino-Indian cooperation opportunities

Samir Dave, Secretary, Pesticides Manufacturers & Formulators Association of India (PMFAI) & Director, Aimco Pesticides Ltd.

9:40 – 10:20

The impacts of the Xiangshui incident on China's chemical industry park and future agrochemical supply

Zhang Yansheng, Research Director, Cinda securities Co,.Ltd.

10:30– 11:10

Analysis of India's chemical industry and its investment

Rohit Nagraj, Analyst/ Consultant, Sunidhi Securities & Finance Ltd. (India)

11:10– 11:50

PM, 4 July

India's pesticide production pattern and Indian companies’strategic planning

Prakash Kumar, International Business Manager , Heranba Industries Ltd.(India)

2:00 – 2:40

China's pesticide intermediate supply pattern and its impact on the downstream industries

Xiao Guoxiang, General Manager , Jiangsu Nongbo Bio-Technology Co., Ltd.(China)

2:40 – 3:20

Understanding and countermeasures to the changes in China-India supply pattern from the perspective of buyers

Lu Jian, Senior Manager of Procurement and Strategic Supply Department, Rotam CropSciences Ltd.(China)

3:20 – 4:00

How does ADAMA build its concepts and systems related to environmental protection and safe production?

Moshe Ahimas, Head of Global QHSE, ADAMA

4:10 – 4:50

Sharing of AMVAC's product and channel acquisition strategies

Lawrence Yu, Head of Asia Pacific Region, AMVAC(US)

4:50 – 5:30

AM, 5 July

How does Ascenza(formerly Sapec Agro)'s diversification strategy help itself expand and develop rapidly?

João Martins, General Manager, Ascenza(Portugal, formerly Sapec Agro)

8:00 – 8:40

How does UPL develop global market around its core strategic products?

Ravikiran R. Chaudhari, Head of China Purchasing, UPL(India)

8:40 – 9:20

Changes of terminal market demand in the Brazilian market and sharing of agricultural cooperative operations

Jones Yasuda, CEO, CCAB Agro(Brazil)

9:20 – 10:00

Experience in the entry and channel construction of the Southern African market

Anup Chand, CEO, Curechem(South Africa)

10:20 – 11:00

How to quickly enter the African market through registration?

Chris Coetzee, Agriculturist and Specialist on Regulation, BioScience Research(South Africa)

11:00 – 11:40

PM, 5 July

How to capture development opportunities of regional markets in South America?

Pavel Kaverin, Avgust(Russia), Director Latin America

1:30 – 2:10

How do agrochemical companies identify and control trade risks in South American?

Tu Zhan, General Manager, Ningbo Jiangdong Yingnong Lide Trading Co.,Ltd.(China)

2:10 – 2:50

Experience sharing of Krishi’s global market development and distribution network establishment

Atul Churiwal, General Manager, Krishi Rasayan(India)

2:50 – 3:30

Experience sharing of Veyong’s development in global market?

Gao Juncong, General Manager of International Center, Hebei Veyong Bio-Chemical Co.,Ltd(China)

3:30 – 4:10

AM, 5 July

Opening Ceremony

Welcome speech by Wang Wei, President of Association of Pesticide Industry, Zhejiang Province

Welcome speech by representative from Hailir Pesticides and Chemicals Group

8:30 – 9:00

Analysis of 2017/2018 China's pesticide import and export data and the overall trading situation

Institute for the Control of Agrochemicals, Ministry of Agriculture, China

9:00 – 9:45

The impact of China's environmental protection policies and environmental taxes on the agrochemical industry

Ministry of Ecology and Evironment, China

9:45 – 10:30

The price and supply trends of China’s pesticide

Li Mingguang, Deputy General Manager, Sino-Agri Leading Biosciences Co,.Ltd.

10:45 – 11:30

Practices analysis in EU's pesticide registration

He Xiaohua, General manager of China,Dr. Knoell Consult

11:30– 12:00

PM, 5 July

Reimagining the Brazilian Agriculture

Luciano Galera, Head of marketing and R&D, Ourofino

2:00 – 2:45

From Brazil to the World: Data System and Registration Coordination in the Planning of Core Product Registration in Brazi

Kathy Zhu, Bioagri

2:45 – 3:15

The global strategic procurement of Nufarm

David Bury, Global Strategic Procurement Manager, Nufarm

3:30 – 4:15

Exporting pesticide products to the EU: how to get authorization

Adrian Tucker, Chief Scientist, Exponent Shanghai

4:15 – 4:45

Agrifor Scientific helping Chinese Agricultural companies to reach the world

Jana Skopec, CEO, AgriFor Scientific

4:45 – 5:15

AM, 6 July

Introduction of India's agrochemical market and the opportunity of cooperation with the Chinese industry

C S Liew, General manager, Pacific Agriscience

8:00 – 8:45

Opportunities and Challenges of Entering the Agrochemical Market in the Caribbean

Joe Pires, Managing Director, Caribbean Chemicals & Agencies

8:45– 9:30

Evolution of Agricultural R&D trends in last and next 15 Years

Dr. KhosroKhodayari, President and CEO, SynTech Research

9:30 – 10:00

UPL’s procurement strategy in China

Ravikiran R. Chaudhari, Head of China purchasing, UPL

10:15 – 11:00

ADAMA’s procurement strategy in China

Wang Guofei, ADAMA

11:00 – 11:45

PM, 6 July

How to successfully market new products developed by Japenese Company in EU

Jean-Guillaume Delpierre, Head of 3rd Party Certis Europe/ Head of Off Patent Business Mitsui, Certis Europe

1:30 – 2:15

Discussion on EU Technical Equivalence Assessment

Wu Kang, Senior consultant, SinoUnison Technology

2:15 – 3:00

Sharing of Indonesia Market Development Experience

David ManurungRotam, National commercial manager, Rotam Indonesia

3:00 – 3:45

The complexity of managing different markets

Nick Read, Executive manager, Helm

3:45 – 4:30